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    Everything is Sold

    Started getting the gear in the boat yesterday and found the following wet/dry suits that I'm all but positive know I won't be using anymore. I thought I would offer them up here and see if there was any interest before I put them on Ski It Again, Gear Trade and Facebook Marketplace. I will be offering these up on the Nautique site as well so if you have interest please let me know as it's going to be first come first serve with payment to PayPal. They are as follows....

    The best is probably the O'Neil Boost Dry suit. It's in very good condition. The seals all look very good. The last time I used it I recall getting a bit damp but could not find any rips/tears or any bad seals and it held the air that was in the suit throughout the full time I was in the water. It's an XL. These go for over $500 new. I'd like $100

    The next is a O'Neil Assault Hybrid Dry suit. It's in very good condition. The seals all look very good. I quit using this one as I got fatter and wanted a looser fitting suit. This one is an XL as well. I'd like to get $75 for it.

    Next is a O'Neil Women's Baja Spring Shorty. It's in new condition, still has the tag on it and is a women's size 10. I'd like to get $40 for it.

    Last is a Body Glove Women's Spring Shorty. It's in new condition and is a women's size 5. I'd like to get $30 for it.

    All prices are OBO and I'll cut a deal on a package deal. Buyer pays the shipping.

    **** Just found another one. This is in new, never in the water men's Billabong spring shorty. I'll do $40 on that as well.
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    I'll take the Body glove women's shorty size 5.


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      Shoot me an address and I'll get you a price for shipping, or at leas a close as I can get.


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        What size is the BB shorty you just found?


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          Originally posted by tjrowbot View Post
          what size is the bb shorty you just found?


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            Thanks, I have to pass.


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              PM sent- interested in the XL drysuits
              2004 Prostar 197 TT LQ9(sold)
              2008 40th Anniversary Prostar 197 LY6


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                Guess I caught the spring season right for selling these as everything is sold. I tired to reply and take offers in the order they were received as best I could. We have a cottage I'll be going to in the next couple weeks that will probably have more gear to sell so I'll get everyone apprised as to what I have and will post here. Thank you again for your interest.....