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Want to buy lots of fun water toys at good prices

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  • Want to buy lots of fun water toys at good prices

    Im looking to buy tubes boards ropes life jackets and any cool stuff to play with for a good price nothing thats worn out to the point it can't be used properly. Will need to include shipping price to 29072 Lexington, SC. My cell is 803-546-6032

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    Check out local boat dealers for board swaps, keep an eye on craigslist, and be sure to look at eBay and


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      We buy a neoprene vests at Sam's club about this time of year. Typically about $50 each. Over-time we have added vests for guest of various sizes, and even started buying female cut vests for guests as well. Typically add a couple of new vests each year. Best time to buy water sport toys new is at the end of the season when closeout stuff is available. Unfortunately, at the start of the season gear is the highest priced.

      Agree completely with FoggyNogginz suggestions - great places for used gear.


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        Like others have said, end of season is a great time to grab things on clearance. I too usually pick up life jackets at this time. This is also a great time to find ropes.

        For good prices this time of year, I have found to have great prices on wakeboards and bindings. I typically will buy a prior year model / color scheme at a greatly reduced price versus the current model year. In most cases, the only difference is in the graphics.

        I have also found a good deal on a 2016 kneeboard at For my young nieces and nephews I found a great deal at Overtons on a pair of 2015 model year wakeboard bindings. I then went and found a wakeboard for them at EVO.

        Bottom line is keep checking the various sites. You will know when you find a good deal and then grab it.


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          Locally you can try Facebook and craigslist. We found much of our gear around Lexington that way. There is a second hand sports store off in the Columbiana shopping center that has some stuff, Goodwill and the flea markets sometimes has some great finds too. Good luck with your hunting.

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            I have 1100 lb Ronix ballast bag never used...


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              Costco has Hyperlite adult life jackets for $40.

              Sam's also has adult life jackets for $40, but they are Body Glove, and in my opinion, not as nice.