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Mastercraft salvage/junkyards near Annapolis, MD

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  • Mastercraft salvage/junkyards near Annapolis, MD

    Hi all,

    I am interested in a full restoration project. Ideally, I would like a mid-90's Maristar 225 to begin with, but I will take what I can find.

    Does anyone know of any marine salvage or junkyards in the Annapolis, MD area where I can begin my search? The condition of the boats is not a huge constraint, as I intend to do a full restoration/modernization (other than intact glass, I'll take pretty much any condition).

    Any help or leads are greatly appreciated!


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    I've got no idea... I know salvage boats pop up on ebay every now and then... maybe someone else knows?


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      Never seen a boat junkyard, not that one doesn't exist, lol.

      Hit up Craigslist, plenty of un-polished turds on there.


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        I've had very little luck finding anything online. My guess is that most people aren't interested in buying boats in the (poor) condition that I'm looking to buy. If what im looking for exists, it's got to be tucked away and likely forgotten somewhere.

        I got a lead to look for a couple marine salvage lots 10-12 miles west of the U.S. 50/301 divide near Annapolis, but havent had any luck yet. Anyone have any experience/suggestions?



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          Use SearchTempest, it's a search engine that links to craigslist, e bay, etc. you put in a certain mile radius of your zipcode and go from there. Check diligently everyday as ads on craigslist change everyday unless the seller reposts the ad. I bought a few turds this way.


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            Junk yard / parts place just west (SSW) of Atlanta out in BFE. He has a lot of stuff, seems anything you could want except what I needed.

            Another place in East TN, south of Knoxville. He has a lot of parts in a storage shed in bins. I was there about 2 years ago looking for the heck of it. He had lots of stuff then.
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              Search for models and obscure names, my boat wasn't listed as Mastercraft. I was doing a google search for Sammy Duval when I caught it's ad

              there are salvage auctions with some wake boats but I never really found one I'd pull the trigger on.


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                So far, nothing to show. Thought I had found a gem with a 95 Maristar 225 for cheap but it was a very poorly executed scam attempt.