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  • Wtb barefoot suit

    Wanting to get into barefoot. Have tried long rope multiple times in a normal pair of trunks. Most likely size large. Please let me know if you have a used suite available.

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    A suit will make footing a new experience for you. Long line is the berries but if you have an opportunity for learning on a boom, they are OK too. I think the line is the best in the long run. A boom can become a crutch after a while.

    Used suits are hard to come by (or so I have discovered).

    ==> Here <== is a new B.I. suit which is the lowest price I have found. If you think large, go XL (especially in B.I.). I have one of these as well as a WBC Wired (XL) suit. The WBC fits a little better and stretches much better during break-in. Regardless you want sleeveless.

    I found the Wired on sale two years ago for $200. Not a lot of people carry them as I think they may be discontinued, but still a good suit.

    Just letting you know what I have seen.

    A nice tight non-stretch 85' line makes for a smooth ride too.....a considerable difference on the deep starts with the non-stretch line.

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      I also recommend padded barefoot shorts as well.
      If its not a competition ski boat, its always second best.

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        What size


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          Thanks all of the help; trying to get in the game for less than $300 thus shopping around for some used gear. I'd expect I'm a large or xl. ~6'1, 190lb.


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            I have a barefoot international "Iron" sleeveless model suit in size large - I wore it very little. Barts has it for sale for $219.99 new. If you go to the barts website, they have a sizing chart. I can send you the pics if you pm me an email address or text number and would want way less than new costs.


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              I have a long sleeve padded suit, and if I remember some padded shorts also. PM me if interested.