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WTB: 91-94 190 Observer Side Windshield

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  • WTB: 91-94 190 Observer Side Windshield

    Hi all,

    I'm a longtime lurker but new member. I've been on MCs my whole life and am the proud first-time owner of a '93 S&S. I come by my MC OCD genetically (dad owns an immaculate '92 205 and previously an immaculate '91 190). So, I'm looking to fix the biggest cosmetic defect with my boat from the PO: the observer side windshield cracked from a rock on the highway and was replaced with plexiglass, which has split and is a little worse for wear. We used it all summer as-is, but now it's getting to project time of year and this is high on the list. Since I know these can be difficult or impossible to find I thought I'd get it out there and hope someone might have some info to help me out. Browsing other posts has shown Taylor Made is quite expensive but there are other options. If you have any suggestions or see anyone parting out this hull, could you let me know?

    PS I mentioned I'm a longtime lurker; so I know what's expected of me with my (basically) first post:
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