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  • Shaft Puller Slide Hammer

    Anybody have a used shaft puller slide hammer from SkiDIM they’d be willing to part with? I plan to replace my shaft seal before spring but wanted to see if anybody had a used one available before I ordered a new one. Thanks.

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    Just order it. Best money you will ever spend on a tool if you work on inboards. I keep mine under my bed. Double as a badass weapon too.


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      Maybe he'd let you borrow it if you pay the shipping?


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        I was on one site where they would let you borrow tools. The catch was that you had to PayPal them the cost and shipping of a new tool. Once the tool was returned (in good shape) the owner would send the money back PayPal. If it were my tool that's the only way I would do it. I've lost ladders, sockets, and a bunch of other tools over the years "loaning" stuff out.


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          I do plan to purchase one, was just hoping to maybe save a few bucks if I could buy one off somebody that had one they didn't need any more.

          gwozhog, while I have your attention, you seem to be well versed in using this tool. You posted the procedure below on another thread. This will be my first time doing this and I'm not certain why you have to break apart the coupling. Is it not possible to leave the coupling attached, remove the big nut in the center, and drive out the shaft? The answer might be obvious once you get into it, but the way I think it goes together it seems like the shaft coupling could stay attached to the transmission.

          Originally posted by gwozhog View Post

          1. Put a block of wood between your prop and hull
          2. Use a jumbo crescent wrench or socket to loosen big transmission shaft coupling nut but leave attached
          3. Loosen 4 transmission nuts and bolts but leave attached.
          5. Remove rudder.
          6. Remove prop
          7. Attach slide hammer too to shaft and slam the slide hammer forward and that will break apart your transmission and shaft coupling coupling.
          8. Now remove big transmission shaft coupling nut 100%
          9. Slam slide hammer backwards now and your shaft will come out in seconds.
          10. Remove 4 transmission nuts and bolts and coupling and your done.


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            I might still have one that I'm willing sell. I'll check tonight.