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2012 ProStar 197 6 LTR

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  • 2012 ProStar 197 6 LTR

    Hello everyone. Wanted to throw this out there to see what you think I could get for my 197. My back issues are better but still relevant so the barefooting and Slalmon skiing have suffered. College aged kids losing interest but loving the pontoon...... That being said I am NOT sure what I am going to do however most of the time the peeps on this site give some great and honest feedback. Here are the details:

    2012 MasterCraft ProStar 197
    Ilmor 6LTR with only 29 hours on it. (Second motor worked directly with MC and MC dealer for full replacement) Hours on boat is maybe 185.
    Heated Seats
    Zero off 3 Event
    Bimimi with cover
    Swim platform w/rubber
    Pop up Cleats
    single axle trailer with brakes

    White, Mediterranean Blue with Sliver Flake - Beautiful looking boat
    9 out of 10 inside and out. Well maintained always sits on covered lift with side and rear curtains. Always serviced by MC dealer (I have all the records)
    Stored in garage during the winter .

    See pics attached. Thanks for your feedback.

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    Very nice boat. It's mint, presumably paid for, and you have a place to keep it. Unless you are upgrading I would keep it. Seems like one of those possible hindsight "I wish I hadn't sold that boat" situations. The fact that you can see the course in the background of the dock pictures is ridiculously nice. Also, a year from now the college kids could think the pontoon is a nice option- after some skiing. Things change fast at that age. And you can be the driver while the back rests. Is that Candlewood?
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      PS205Tex. I hear what you are saying that is why I am struggling with the decision. It just kills me to look at it sitting on the lift with out being used…. It is a great boat and yes we do own it. It is not Candlewood we are on Tyler Lake in Goshen, CT. One consideration is my buddy is thinking of selling his Response too and then we talked of possibly sharing a wakeboard/surf boat. Surfing an old mans gig! LOL. Thanks for your input.


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        The 2014 ProStar redesign resulting in such a huge leap forward from a slalom perspective, that the prices on the 197s have taken a pretty big hit. Adding to that, the boat market has gone into a serious slump starting about a month ago. I'm also aware of 3-4 197s that have gone on the market at the beginning of this summer in the low 40s, and none of them have sold. I'm also aware of a couple of 2014 and 2015 ProStars that were on the market for a while and ended up selling in the upper $40K range in July. So my best guess would be the mid 30k range.

        This is one of the best all time Trick boats. But there just aren't that many serious trick skiers and since most of them will be skiing tournaments, this just isn't what they'll be riding behind in tournaments anymore.
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          Sweet boat, phenomenal color scheme, I agree with others that the market has softened a bit, but. I think $35K is where I would start.
          Ski in snow, ski in water, and always have fun!

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            So I come from a different perspective. I may want to get back into a 197. (Having had one in the past, plus (3) X-14's, and an XT22, and a few others) I'd probably prefer a 197 with a factory mini tower. (I know, heresy) I would want to pay under $30K. But I'm not saying what it may go for, just what I'm thinking for me at this point. And from someone who regrets selling a few, definitely make sure you are sure. As others mentioned. It is a beautiful boat.
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              I'm also a 197 owner continuously considering a bigger boat for the kids/friends that wakeboard. You have a gorgeous boat, my only advice if you do sell is to emphasize the new motor and include lots of pictures of that nice gelcoat and interior. If you move ahead with a different boat for yourself, or friends do, perhaps winterize it and store through 2024 to make sure you are set on next step. Unless there is a recession (which seems less and less likely every month), it should not depreciate much in another year. I've considered this option. Good luck !


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                Still thinking about selling the boat? I sent you a pm