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  • 2014 X10

    Looking at the following x10 w/ 150 hours:

    Options from the build sheet:
    +Surf tabs
    +CIPA Masterview 180 mirror
    +Black under tower boat cover
    +Black bimini cover
    +Pro package (7" dash display, integrated ballast system, attitude adjustment plate, clamping board racks, zft4 tower, tracking fins, removable pylon)
    +Wake/surf racks
    Tower accessories ZFT4 - 2 spkrs
    +Dome Light
    +High power stereo upgrade (ip700 stereo unit, dash remote, 4 M series JL speakers, M series JL sub, JL 5 channel amp)
    +Stereo trans. remote
    +transom saver
    +stainless steel fender clips
    +billet walk through door
    +convertible center r/s
    +transom walk-through

    A few questions:
    1) what do you think is fair price?
    2) how hot do you think that interior would get? Don't believe MC introduced the cool touch until more recent models...
    3) the build sheet does not specifically list gen2. Anyone know how this boat's setup [pro package "integrated ballast system", attitude adjustment plate and surf tabs] would compare to gen 2?

    Thanks for any and all feedback!!

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    interior will be fine, price is in line if it has gen 2 - I would try to get them to 70k. These are amazing boats. - surf really well if you set them up correctly.


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      It appears to have GEN2 from the pictures. I believe the pro package was the larger screen and better sound system. I would say 70 or a little less with that trailer.


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        Agree with other comments:

        1) Circa $70k is fair if in good shape and service history solid. You may be able to do better than that given the EZ loader trailer is not the bombproof MC low profile version, though it is still solid and will take you anywhere. May be a signal that this was intended for salt or brackish waters - worth reconfirming. If she was in the brine that is an issue that should adjust price down wards. Lastly, you should have a bit more negotiating room than pre-Memorial Day and pre-July 4th.

        2) I have that exact interior config in an X30, while the black can get hot in direct summer sun, the white/platinum/grey is not an issue. Yes, it gets hotter than the new fabrics, but IME this material is bombproof and good looking, and I would prefer it over Coolfeel unless we lived in the south or the desert.

        3) Those tabs look like Gen2 in the listing and IIRC the propackage includes Gen2 plus the other more important items such as ballast/ZFT4 tower/hi powered stereo. This also has the larger 7” screen and some smaller but important items such as surf rack fingers on one of the racks and fender clips. All told this is a great configuration.

        A quick linseed oil/mineral spirits (75%/25%) wipe down will have that wood swim deck looking new.


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          I agree the surf tabs appear to be Gen 2 so it should also have to extra ballast bags in the rear. From the pictures it appears to be in very good shape. As for price, having just bought the exact same boat last fall with only difference being an extra set of tower speakers, an MC trailer and about a third of the hours, you should be able to get it for 70K or even a little less.
          2014 X10 - Sold


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            Per the seller, the gen2 surf system and cockpit heating were added as upgrades after the purchase. Read a little bit about people having some issues with upgrades. Anyone have additional thoughts on that / impact on price of this boat?


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              Dealer did my upgrade. - no issues at all


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                Bought my X-10 and immediately had a MC dealer add Gen 2. We have had zero issues in first year of use.


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                  You guys remember what your upgrade cost?

                  Looking at another 2014 X10 [ ] and considering adding Gen2...


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                    I think Gen2 is int the realm of $6k to 7k
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                      I personally think the price seems high, especially with that trailer. I would think high 60's. For reference I have a 2015 X10 with Gen2 that I purchased brand new...didn't pay much more than what they are asking for this one.


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                        Originally posted by jjdlax86 View Post
                        You guys remember what your upgrade cost?

                        Looking at another 2014 X10 [ ] and considering adding Gen2...
                        Yes, I will send you a PM.
                        Maybe I am missing it but that second boat doesn't have Gen2 and is not as well equipped.
                        But, it all depends on what you desire on your boat.


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                          Getting close to deal with seller. Boat is in Charlotte area and I live in Chicago. Anyone near there that can go take a look at it? Would love a quick thumbs up or down before flying down for inspection/test drive and ordering a compression test/evaluation from local dealer. Thanks in advance!