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2002 Prostar

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  • 2002 Prostar

    LOW Hours Garaged all her life:

    I will add details after scanning other threads for what you guy like to see. Boat has current registration and is located In Southern California

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    Probably what u bought it for. 28 to 35k. Prestine!

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      in the crazy times I would start a tad north of 30k... I love yellow myself but it is a harder color to sell...

      Good luck...

      pics of the motor and better pics of the interior would be helpfull though.. is the vinyl in good shape or is it need of replacement? if in need then you probably need to be a bit south of 30k...


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        It looks great, but I would spend a little time removing and maybe replacing your registration decals, cleaning up the interior a bit and try to polish out the trailer fender scratches. Then start at $30 - $32.

        Yellow isnt everyones favorite, but I sold my yellow X14 in 3 days and to the first person to look at it.

        Good luck with the sale.


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          Thanks for the input guys. Ill take pics of the engine + hour gauge this weekend and closeups of the vinyl. There are some small cuts on the engine hatch so we'll see -meaning y'all can advise me - if repair is possible, if it should be left or replaced.

          Much appreciated!