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How many lakes have you Skied/wakeboarded?

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  • How many lakes have you Skied/wakeboarded?

    I have skied/wakeboard 7 lakes
    Lake Loudon Knox Tn.
    Lake Norris Tn. (great lake and one of my favorite)
    Lake Shasta Redding Ca.
    Whiskey Town Lake Ca.
    Strike Dam Mt Home Id.
    Clear Lake Ca. (not so clear lake)
    Big Lake Alaska.........COLD even in the summer.......

    Thought that this would be a great way to show how many places everyone has been.

    BTW- If you have any PICs Post them.
    I dont on this computer but will latter!!!!

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    Do ski ponds count? or just Public lakes?


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      Lake Rathbun, Centerville Ia
      Saylorville Lake, Des Moines, Ia
      Table Rock Lake, Branson, Mo
      Lake of The Ozarks
      Bull Shoals
      Des Moines River, DM IA
      Mud Lake, Grand Forks, ND
      Carter Lake, Omaha, Ne
      East China Sea, Okuma Japan
      Cypress/Black Bayou, Benton, La
      Toledo Bend, Leesville, La
      Lake Vernon, Leesville, La
      Red River, Bossier City
      Lake Greeson, Kirby Ar
      Lake Minnetonka, Excelsior, Mn


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        Let me think here...

        In Orlando area:
        1. Lake Conway
        2. Lake Underhill
        3. Lake Ivanhoe
        4. Lake Mary Jane
        5. Carl Roberge Ski School lake
        6. Lake Jessamine

        Other areas:
        7. Deer Point Lake (NW FL)
        8. Kerr Lake (Virginia/NC)
        9. Lake St. Clair (Michigan)

        Not lakes, but:
        Potomac River (MD)
        Patuxent River (MD)
        St. Mary's River (MD)
        St. Andrew's Bay (FL)

        Also, if you count tubing ... Lake Susannah (Orlando)

        Edit: Forgot one -- Caribbean Sea, 7 mile beach, Grand Cayman Island
        Thanks for bringing back the memories
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          Horton Lakes
          Precision Lake
          Ski West Lakes
          Adobe Lakes
          7th Heaven Lake
          Creekside Lakes
          Ironwood Lake(sespool Yeck!)

          Colorado River
          Nacimiento, Ca
          San Antonio, Ca
          Rollins Lake, Auburn, Ca
          Lake Britton, near Shasta, Ca

          more to come in the future for me


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            Here's an interesting "quest" for one of you: Ski at least once in each of the 50 states. I've done 5 so far (MD, VA, NC, FL, MI). Only 45 to go!
            / \

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            2003 Prostar 197 35th Anniversary
            1990 Prostar 190


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              Let's see

              Jackson Lake (GA)
              Lake Oconee (GA)
              Lake Burton (GA)
              Lake Wedowee (AL)
              Lake Tobosofkee (GA)
              Lake Eufaula (AL)
              Lake Sinclair (GA)
              Trophy Lakes (SC)
              West Point (GA)
              Tennessee River by Neyland Stadium(TN)
              Lake Tellico (TN)
              Lake Loudon (TN)
              Lake Blackshear (GA)
              Lake Lanier (NC)

              /reserves the right to add to list

              Lake Cumberland on Thursday!
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              It's Snowing in the UP


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                In addition to a couple of private lakes and many rivers, the following lakes come to mind.


                Lake Shasta
                Lake Nacimiento
                Lake McClure
                Lake Don Pedro
                Anderson Reservoir
                Calero Reservoir
                San Luis Reservoir
                Lake Tahoe


                Lake Conroe
                Lake Austin
                Lake Travis
                Canyon Lake
                Possum Kingdom Lake
                Lake Tyler
                Hideaway Lake
                Lake Palestine

                Lake Powell

                New Mexico
                Elephant Butte Lake
                '06 X-1, it's red and white.


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                  Hey, this is kind of fun ......

                  I can come up with 47, plus a few ponds I can picture, but not name.

                  Lake Britton, CA
                  Pit #4 Reservoir, CA
                  Shasta, CA
                  Oroville, CA
                  Black Butte, CA
                  Stony Gorge, CA
                  Almanor, CA
                  Termalito Afterbay, CA
                  Fall River Reservoir, CA
                  Horton Lakes, CA
                  Winchester Lake, CA
                  Mission Bay, CA
                  Bell Aqua, CA
                  American River, CA
                  Sacramento Delta, CA

                  Texoma, TX
                  Lavon, TX
                  Whitney, TX
                  Granbury, TX
                  Fairfield, TX
                  Possum Kingdom Lake, TX
                  Travis, TX
                  Bridgeport, TX
                  Cedar Creek, TX
                  Tawakoni, TX
                  Ray Hubbard, TX
                  Lake Bonham, TX
                  North Lake, TX
                  Mud Hole, TX
                  Bent Creek, TX
                  Willow Bend, TX
                  Ski Haven, TX
                  Marine Creek, TX
                  Lewisville, TX
                  Grapevine, TX
                  Canyon Lake, TX

                  Greeson AR
                  Degray, AR
                  Table Rock, AR
                  Ouachita, AR

                  Broken Bow Lake, OK
                  McGee Creek, OK
                  Murray, OK
                  Keystone Lake, OK

                  Center Hill, TN
                  Dale Hollow, TN

                  Lake Powell, UT


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                    Pretty neat!

                    Center Hill, TN
                    Dale Hollow, TN
                    Morse Lake, IN
                    Geist Lake, IN
                    Lake Sinclair, GA
                    Lake near Soddy Daisy, TN.


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                      Originally posted by Leroy
                      Pretty neat!

                      Center Hill, TN
                      Dale Hollow, TN
                      Morse Lake, IN
                      Geist Lake, IN
                      Lake Sinclair, GA
                      Lake near Soddy Daisy, TN.
                      Leroy......were you that drunk last year??? Weren't you at Mag Mania I on Lake Cumberland??

                      Dale Hollow, Tn
                      Lake Cumberland, Ky
                      Ceasar's Creek, Oh
                      Brookville Lake, In
                      St Mary's Lake, Oh
                      Kentucky Lake, Ky
                      Kincaid Lake, Ky
                      Horsehead Lake, Mi ?
                      Cave Run Lake, Ky
                      Lake Barkley, KY
                      I think that's it..............
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                        Here are the ones I can remember the names of. There are more than a couple I can't remember in MN and one in FL.

                        Bebee Lake, MN-Hometown Lake
                        Lake Pulaski, MN-Favorite place to chill
                        Buffalo Lake, MN-Drove First MasterCraft, Landed first invert
                        Lake Minnetonka, MN
                        Lake Minnewashta, MN
                        Lake Charollette, MN-Best lake with worst access
                        Green Lake, MN-
                        Lake Lougee, MN- Best day yet
                        Lake Owasso, MN
                        Coon Lake, MN-Don't get there enough
                        Lake George, MN
                        Long Lake, MN
                        Medicine Lake, MN
                        Twin Lake (Upper in Crystal), MN
                        Gull Lake, MN
                        Bald Eagle Lake, MN-Ended in Trip to Hospital
                        Lake Johanna, MN
                        Lake Josephine, MN
                        Lake Demontriville, MN
                        Lake Elmo, MN
                        Lake Wilhelm, MN-First ski set, First wakeboard set
                        Keller Lake, MN
                        Island Lake, MN-Landed first invert in competition, parents were there
                        Bryant Lake, MN

                        Mississippi River by Champlin and Downtown Minneapolis
                        Crow River


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                          1st time on skis - Lake Shelbyville , Ill
                          Since then.. I've gotten around:
                          - Intercoastal waterway, Sneads Ferry, NC
                          - Southwest Creek, Jacksonville NC
                          - Serpent Lake, Mn
                          - Lake Okatibbee, Ms
                          - Elizabeth River, Norfolk, Va
                          - Pasquatank River, NC
                          - Fun Junction, NC
                          - Northwest River, VA-NC
                          - Nottoway River, VA
                          - Chowan River, NC
                          - Chickahominy River, VA
                          - Lake Gaston, VA-NC
                          - Kerr Lake, Va
                          - Lake-of-the-Ozarks, Mo
                          - Arabian Gulf, Dubai (UAE)
                          Sola Fide'


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                            Mostly TX

                            Lk Austin, TX
                            Lk Travis, TX
                            Lk LBJ, TX
                            Lk Buchanan, TX
                            Choke Canyon, TX
                            Lk Livinston, Tx

                            Bay around Negril, Jamacia

                            Partied/ never skied on Lakes around DFW

                            Oh yea- Learned to 2 ski at Grand Lake, OK
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                              Lake Greeson, Ark.
                              Lake DeGray, Ark.
                              Lake Quachita, Ark.
                              Gillam Lake, Ark.

                              Black Bayou, La.
                              Lake Claibourne, La.
                              Plain Dealing Lake, La.
                              Red River, La.

                              But first one is the only that matters..
                              Swaha Lodge Lake Greeson Akansas.....