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    Hello there,

    I'm sure most of you have probably read about my beached X1, on Long Lake, near Spokane, WA. I have been waiting for the lake level to rise, in order to safely float it out, however, the lake levels keep dropping and won't be raising, any time soon, due to the high flows of the river.

    I want to start looking for alternative means of getting it out and hope to get some opinions. The boat is currently in less than 3" of water, however, I have dug out the transom and removed the prop, (so the transom is in about 2' of water). The lake bottom is a soft mud/sand mix. I have already determined that inflating tire tubes, under the boat will not work, as the tubes are too flexible. I would like to know if anyone has information about high strength canvas, or similar, inflatable floats, that can be placed under the boat and inflated to lift the boat. At that point, the boat could be towed out. Another idea is to build a trailer type sled, winch the boat on it, and drag it out, (the mud will be a challenge, though).

    The boat is about 50 yards away from water that is 2' deep or so. Also, the closest any larger boat can get to it, is about 80 yards away. This whole ordeal has become a major challenge, never to be repeated by this amateur boater.

    Any positive advice would be greatly appreciated.



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    Would there be anyway to get 2 large tractors with buckets on the front to lift it and move it to deeper water of to the trailer?
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      Or a land based mobile crane, and avoid dragging it?


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        Just a thought, get a gas powered 2" transfer pump, float it on a small raft, use water from the discharge hose to create a channel to float the boat in. If the lake bottom is a soft silt of muck it will move fairly easily and with any current the sediment will be flushed out of the way. We have done this in the past, not a overly fast process but it is effective.


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          You could build two PVC "slings" to push the boat out on. Sliding the boat on one, onto the other, and so on. This of course depending upon how muddy it is.

          You may want to remove all of the underwater gear before any serious moving.
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            How about posting a picture of it??? I'd love to see this! Anyway to get a trailer to the boat?? It would have to be a roller type, not your trailer with bunks. With a roller trailer you could winch it up on it. Other idea...................dig it out


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              You could lift it out with a helicopter. Expensive?? Yes, but that's how they set some HVAC eguipment on tall buldings


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                I have seen a channel cut into the muck with a 4" water line take a boat twenty feet. It took a while so yours might require two or four water pumps with enough hose to reach.

                Wash the muck / sand out and float your boat. If the DNR won't let you do this then you could drag it out or helo are the only other options I see.

                We need photos for specific evaluation.

                BOL - Steve

                Edit:\ Are you trying to get it into deeper water or out of the water?
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                  Sorry I can't be much help here, but don't forget about your tracking fins when you start moving things around.

                  I hope everyone made it thru w/o harm.
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                      I don't know how far the boat is from solid ground but if it isn't too far I would see about getting a couple of straps around it and renting a couple of those "extended boom" rough terrain fork lifts. extend the boom out over the boat pick it up and carry it to put on a trailer on shore.

                      I used one for building a boat dock using c-channel and floats on shore and then just carried it in pieces to the water and bolted it together. The lift I used had a 36' boom. Of course extended out all the way you may need 2 lifts so you don't tip lift. After you get the boat closer one lift would handle it easily.
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                        This is a sad story. I just happened to call located in Spokane -- To try and get some prices for you.
                        It seems you had just called them -- Timing was a little funny. I talked to Dave who said he just got off phone with you.
                        I am curious how much a helicopter rental will run you


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                          I must have missed the original post about this...

                          Sounds awful. Does anyone have the link to the original post?


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                              Did any one ask if you emptied the ballast tanks yet?