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  • "smart Ballast Programming"

    How many of you out there with a new 07 MC and have added extra ballast bags? And, have found that the system shuts down because of the internal timer, results not being able to fill the extra ballast bags completely.

    I have recieved the following information and I thought I would pass it on to my fellow MC owners......

    Step 1.
    Disconnect the Ballast Control Box (port rear comparment X2) from the battery.

    Step 2.
    Re-connect the Ballast Control Box to the battery. You NOW have only 30 seconds to do the following.

    Step 3.
    Select: FILL OFF FILL to get into programming mode.
    Then each time you select FILL you add 5 seconds of FILL time
    Each time you select EMTY you subtract fill time.

    Step 4.
    Return switch to off position then leave it alone for a few minutes. Then put in the water and try it!
    Captain Dustin Beatty
    Marco Island, Florida
    2011 X25 Power Tower Ilmor
    2007 CSX 220ss MCX Ballast,Tower Pkg.
    1992 PS190 351 w/ 1:1