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  • X7 v. 197

    Hi all. I'm deciding between an X7 and a 197. Mostly slalom course skier, but do pull some pretty advanced boarders. Does the X7 offer anything that I cant get on a 197? They say the X7 is just a 197 with standard ballast and tower and X graphics. Is that true? Will slalom suffer with the X7? Any input on the pros and cons of each is appreciated. Thanks

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    the only real difference is the x7 has plumbed ballast.


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      Both boats have the same running surface, so basically you just have the added weight of the tower, board racks, ballast bad, ballast pumps, associated wiring/hoses, and different stickers on the outside of the boat.


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        You can remove the tower on an X7 easier than adding one to a 197 if the thought changes down the road.. Otherwise, the same. Erk, does the rated "capacity" change at all?


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          I personally know a guy that lives here in Kelowna that bought an X7 after testing a 197 on the water because the salesman told him that there would be no difference to the wake, but there was a huge difference I guess. So much in fact that he ended up getting rid of the X7.

          The discussion between the guy and the salesman got to the point that they ended up taking out both boats and doing a comparison and there was a substantial difference in the wakes between the two boats. The salesman had no reasoning for it.

          Now I only heard it from one side, but like I said this is what he told me and he did get rid of the X7 (he only skis)

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            I am in both all the time. I have the X7.

            Yes, there is a difference in the wake, but only because of the added weight. My X7 definitely has a little harder bump than my neighbors 197, but his is absolutely stock in every way and he keeps nothing in it. Nothing.

            I have a tower, 4 giant speakers on it, 90lbs of lead under the observers seat to balance it out when I am by myself, keep two anchors, first aid kits, two subs, two amps, extra battery, bimini, etc.

            Add that all up, and its quite heavy.

            The factory ballast system is nice I guess, but I have never used mine. It takes the back seat space.

            If I were to order my boat again, I would order the 197 with a tower, simply because I dont like the X7 graphics and you can get better color combos with a 197. If you want ballast, buy a $150.00 fly high seat....which is twice as heavy as the stock ballast anyway and you can still sit on it.


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              Looks like the 197 is king. True to the buoy chasers, but I'll add a tower and possibly get a fat seat to keep the boarders happy. Thanks for the input.


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                Don't know if I have shared this or not

                At the Atlanta Boat show it was explained to me what the difference is and why by a MC employee who worked on the R & D on the hull. As we know the tower and ballast add weight.

                When a boat is traveling down the lake it pushes water down and it has to come back up somewhere (a la 22 off bump) now if you add weight to the boat, more water is displaced and thus more water has to be surface later causing a bigger wake.

                I have skied behind both and there is a big difference in the wake.
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                  ok, that must be... i've always wanted to know why i ski much better behind my buddy's tt than my X-7 . As i said before my boat pb is [email protected] 38off... i was driving
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                    I like the 197 with a tower. The graphics look better to me.


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                      Originally posted by RobertT
                      I am in both all the time. I have the X7.
                      I would order the 197 with a tower, simply because I dont like the X7 graphics .
                      i agree with you about the graphics, i bought mine with a mastergraft by design graphic and i'm about to turn it into a prostar or a tt. My dealer has both lettering in stock but i can't decide witch one to put on...
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                        Not sure what line lengths you are running, but if you get into shortline slalom, the rear tower leg of the new tower could get in the way....


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                          I use a 250' rope, so it really doesn't come into play for me.

                          The physics explanation is correct, but I think its worth noting that if you take a 197 and add the tower/etc it will ski just like the X7. Same boat, minus the add ons. I am pretty sure that if you take the 197, add the stereo/sub/tower/ballast system/and all the other crap that the X7 has as "standard" it would cost about 2k more than an X7.

                          The dealers may be able to answer this better, but if you want a standard/solid color scheme you may be better off buying an X7 and pulling the decals off and putting MC bubble letters on. that is assuming, of course, that you will put a stereo with sub and tower on a 197.

                          I would get the 197 simply because I would love a slate gray boat with silver metal flake on the side.


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                            Originally posted by Footin
                            I like the 197 with a tower. The graphics look better to me.
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                              What are the official capacities for the following boats? 190, 195, 197, and x-7? Do the older hulls (195) allow for more weight? I have a friend with a 2000 195 and I think it is rated for 10 ppl or 12xx lbs. I have an 05 197 and it says 6 ppl or 900 lbs. Once this summer we had to put 7 on ours, and I was concerned with getting dinked by the patrol, even though the boat seems to have enough room to accommodate.

                              I saw a TT member who had his truck,, his 197, and he also listed his 1,000 lb. ballast in his signature. The ballast would technically overload the boat alone!

                              So, what is the rating for these boats? The 190 I have recently been on said something around or over 1,000 lb IIRC. I can understand a higher capacity for the 190 since I assume the closed bow makes the boat a little lighter w/o the extra interior pieces. Does the X-7 have more capacity than the 197? How could it if it is sitting on the same hull?
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