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how much should i offer?

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  • how much should i offer?

    on this boat

    heard that it was rough looking from some but the pictures look pretty good. Gonna call and request more interior pictures.
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    I would seriously take a look at this boat in person and make sure all of the little things were taken care of. Just my 2 cents, when i saw it i would have said pass, till all things were fixed.
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      at first glance I see no tower mirror or board racks. -$1,000 (call MC and get a price, I bet for all 3 of those it costs more than $3k). I would think for an X-Star that all those should be stock items.

      How many hours are on the boat?

      Is this the boat that was in "rough shape" that was boat as a repo or something like that? If, so -$2,000 b/c who know what the heck was done to that boat? And it seems like the general owner/operator of an X-star vs. a prostar 205V abuses the boat much more than a 205V owner.


      Both used boats I used ended up needind some sort of work. I saved a ton of money by using the forum and doing the work myself, but if you're paying out $85/hr to have little things diagnosed/fixed it your saving could get eaten up pretty quickly.

      Even if you can fix things yourself, use all these to negotiate a better price.