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***2002 Mastercraft X-Star for Sale***

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  • ***2002 Mastercraft X-Star for Sale***

    Please click on the following ebay link or copy and paste it to your browser:

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    Good looking boat, should sell fairly easily!! Wish I could snag it!!
    Juicebox is back... with a vengeance!


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      Hey RM, good luck with the sell of that beautiful boat. May I make a suggestion? As a seller on ebay I love this site (been selling for a while)
      But if you want to save some money try putting the boat on craigs list it's free with pics. Ebay charged you an outrageous listing fee for 20.000 and you will probably pay over $150 at the end of auction for a final value fee so you'll pay a couple hundred bucks to sell on ebay. There are better places to put the boat for alot less than ebay and some are free. ebay motors cost alot to list vehicles in.
      Here are my listed items so you can see I'm not bashing ebay.
      "click here"
      Good luck.
      I just got this boat from craigs list.


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        I had to relist my boat under a new listing due to a fraud on my ebay account... The new listing is at the following link: