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Like a Glove! Brought our new baby home tonight - XT24

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  • Like a Glove! Brought our new baby home tonight - XT24

    After a few quick modifications to the trailer by our dealer - shorter strut arms. She fits! 94 inch door height, need to move some clutter around, but overall happy that she fits snug. Its been an interesting few weeks to get to final deal, but couldn't be happier with our decision and with our Dealer. Rogers Performance Marine in Hurricane, UT are amazing, my 3rd boat from them in 6 years. Needless to say I will be a lifetime customer. I'll post water pictures soon. Blown away with the wave, and the boat overall. Sold our 2018 G23 for this and have ZERO regrets. Love it.

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    Our xt24 will be ready early February! The red looks awesome. Congrats!


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      Very sharp. Congrats and enjoy.

      Could you please describe the strut adjustment? Also look forward to your comparison to the G.


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        That's sweet! Congrats

        I'm also looking forward to your comparison
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          Congratulations! She’s a beaut! Would also like to read about your comparison to the G.
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            posted a comparison in a new thread as it was a bit lengthy!

            Comparison to my G


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              moosehead My dealer ordered shorter struts and replaced them, it essentially gave us about 2-2.5 inches lower. You can reach out to Bailey at Roger's Performance Marine and talk to him specifically about what he ordered and swapped. Roger's number is 435-656-5811 Here are the pictures before/after of wheel area and the boat as it sits with changes.

              Click image for larger version

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              Click image for larger version

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