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2008 x2 - engine and storage cover material

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  • 2008 x2 - engine and storage cover material

    First off, an introduction. We recently bought our first Mastercraft. A 2008 x2 that needs a lot of love. We are getting the entire interior redone by a local shop. My son and I are going to try the gelcoat repair/recovery ourselves. We will be using the boat mainly for surfing and tubing. The reality is that the back platform (Engine and storage hatches) will get a ridiculous amount of traffic and abuse. This is why I'm thinking of not reskinning the hatches, but building them up solid and putting gator step or SeaDek across them. I have a couple of questions regarding this.
    1. Has anyone else tried/done this? How did it work out, can you share your experiences.
    2. Does anyone know what material Mastercraft used for the structural backing. I've taken the cover and pad off and don't recognize the material
    3. Any suggestion for how to do this. The biggest issue as I see it, is that with the padding, the inset is about 2 to 3 inches so I need to build up the covers to make up for that.
    Any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated.

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    There has been some folks who have done something similar. Gwozhog on here replaced his center hatch with a walkthrough panel and it turned out good. Thats actually on my long term project list. You will likely need to build a frame and make a plate for the top then install something like seadeck as the walking surface. MC uses a honeycomb panel for the hatches that will not work well when exposed.

    There should be a thread on here somewhere about that. Just search around.


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      Found the thread: