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2022 XT24 - Thoughts vs my '18 G23

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  • 2022 XT24 - Thoughts vs my '18 G23

    I posted yesterday in another thread about fitting my new XT24 into my garage and a few people wanted my thoughts on comparing it to my G. I know its a polarizing topic, but these are just my initial thoughts having made the decision to go with Mastercraft.

    Quick background. When we originally bought our G back in '18, we compared it to the X23 at the time. It was a close decision and honestly we ended up going with the G because we couldn't find a new X at the time. We felt at the time that the Regular wave on the G was better than the X. We liked the storage of the G, my wife liked the cooler in the floor instead of giving up under-seat storage. My wife especially loved the thrusters, since that was our first wake boat coming from 2 Monterey's and a Sea Ray. At that time we had a local Nautique dealer in my town, but not a Mastercraft dealer. These were the main reasons, we ultimately chose the G, everything else seemed VERY Close at the time.

    We put over 300 hours on the G, and loved it. It was loaded with damn near every option and the 550hp supercharged engine. Which, looking back, quite honestly we didn't need, as we only surf. I think I pulled a wakeboard 3 times in 3 years. Downside was it only had a 52gal tank. We primarily boat at Lake Powell and like to get upstream so to speak, the G would use 30% of a tank just to get to our favorite spot. That was probably the most frustrating part for me personally, she had no legs so to speak.

    Due to the market being what it is, we actually sold/traded the G back in June for more than we originally paid. As part of that exercise, I looked at getting a new G vs the X24, then Mastercraft released the XT24. It seemed to be everything we needed but at a much lower starting build price. When I started doing builds on the 3 boats, I just kept coming back to the XT, it really had everything we wanted. That said, I LOADED up my XT with all the options I thought were practical and left very few things off. A lot of those options were standard on the X, but an upgrade on the XT. With the final build sheet we didn't feel like we sacrificed anything vs the new G or X for nearly 30-40k less depending on the boat.

    Sorry for the long winded intro. I'll try to bullet point our initial pro/con below as compared to the G.

    XT24 Pros as compared to the G
    • Roger's Performance Marine - Relationship with my local dealer is the sole #1 reason. From the day they became a Mastercraft dealer shortly after buying my G, I was basically counting down the days until I could flip it. The team there is phenomenal and having previously bought 2 boats from them, couldn't wait to get back in the "Family" so to speak. Combine that with my being born and raised in TN, I have always wanted a Mastercraft, so I am admittedly biased. The way Mastercraft handled some issues around delivery and pricing and stood behind Roger's to service their customer really re-enforced I have made the right decision.
    • Surfstar System - THAT WAVE!! AMAZING ( granted Nautique has also updated their surf system, but overall I like the Surfstar better than my '18 G, can't comment on new G)
      • Simple - easy to use interface. 1 - 7 from mellow to steep and then left or right. Simple ( you can get into settings and configure basically unlimited)
      • Can surf further back from boat on XT than I ever did on G - I'm goofy and the picture below is on Right 6 setting 2 adults in boat, no additional ballast. Felt like it had Push for Days. I tried 7, it was basically the G wave, steep and rampy. I preferred Right 6 at 11.1 with the weight we had that day.
      • Wife surfed Left 4 and seemed like she was in a different zip code she was so far back. She couldn't believe the push.
      • Kids absolutely fell in love with the wave (note both hated me for selling the G when I did) - The video below is 50% ballast Left 2. Amazing wave for kids. He was surfing in same spot as he did on the G, which required you to be fairly close to the deck, we were able to get him to go back in the "pocket" later, but I didn't get a video. Once he got used to the wave, it seemed he was surfing a good 5-6 feet further back from boat than in the video. On setting 2 left he legit couldn't fall out of the wave. A few times it seemed he recovered from 15-20 feet back.
      • We have lead weight, but haven't put in boat, needed for G, not sure we will for this one.
      • Speed cleaned up any lips we seem to have on either side. Bumping up 1-3 mph from factory settings seemed to clean it up. 7 on either side produced a good sized curl at 10.8, it cleaned right up at 11.1. The G is/was always known for this double lip on the goofy side. Doesn't exist on the XT.
      • Seeing pretty pictures of waves doesn't matter, its all about the PUSH - and she pushes like no other.
    • Fits in Garage - 94 inch door, 30 foot deep, the G was just too damn tall folded tower or not, needed another 8 inches - This was huge - saved nearly $200/month alone.
    • Tower Z8 - LOVE the tower. Especially the board racks, never was a fan of my G racks, had to warranty replace the cam's twice on both sides on my G from poor design.
      • Easy to raise/lower, single button push and manually lift/lower.
      • Town in down position so much easier than G, at least my G - had a Sewlong Bimini so couldn't really fold
      • Color combinations on par with the G - although I liked the traditional MC Billet tower, I think the colors and look of this one just nails it.
      • Over the tower cover/travel configuration - Love this so much with or without the cover (a polarizing argument in itself - to cover or not when towing!)
    • 92 gallon tank matched with more fuel efficient engine - 6.0 (We trusted our dealer on this call over the 6.2 and do not regret it after being on the water)
    • Coolfeel interior - initial thoughts are we truly love our color combination the quality of the material - Nautique felt more plush/soft, where this feels more durable and well made.
    • Build Quality - This could just be boat specific build, but over all the MC seems ROCK solid, nothing loose, no noises, seems more solid. Early on with the G, we had to keep getting things tightened or replaced - a few panels that were glued on fell off within weeks (Speaker area panel, Carbon Insert in the G-23 emblem left side )
    • Convertible Seat with filler cushion is MONEY. The G only allowed the rear sitting position, the XT can lay completely flat, and has a filler cushion for the footwell when reversed, essentially giving you a big what feels like queen sized bed. This is great for little kids and just chilling, we loved that feature back on the X23 and are super happy its on our XT
    • Premium Audio and Dual Screen package - So glad we chose this upgrade - I was worried going from the G's wavefront and premium package it would be a step down, and its not. I personally feel it's slightly better, call it even if you like. Having the 2nd sub and the premium sound is every bit as good as our G.
    • Teak Deck - MONEY - classic - 'nuff said...
    • No Right turn Pull - You can take your hands off the steering wheel while surfing - The G would pull HARD to the side. I think the XT has more tracking fins, plus the dockstar system. The boat just tracks perfectly
    XT24 Cons as compared to the G
    • Storage - the thing we will miss about the G the most is those rear lockers. You could hide bodies in them. The subfloor ballast with the G was money. The XT has the same area, but its filled with the Bags left and Right. While you do have trays and can put a few items under it when fully ballast, you give up quite a bit of storage. The G's Cooler in the floor also gave you an entire right side under seat storage area you do not have the XT. The Pass through Storage on the XT is bigger in that area, but the other areas give way to the G by far.
    • Armrests in bow - Not an option on the XT, the kids complained about that as they loved them in the G ( I never sat up there so didn't matter to me! )
    • Bimini quality seems subpar to the G, both in coverage and quality. Granted my G had an upgraded Bimini by Sewlong. This is good and bad, good as it was rock solid no noise, bad because you couldn't fold the G without taking it off with tools. However as a Bimini that one seemed better
    • Helm control on Armrest - Really loved the Round Dial on the G, I'm going to miss that, you could do dang near anything you wanted without touching the screen from that dial
    • Dockstar vs Thrusters - I wasn't sure whether to list this as a pro or con, because I like them both, but for different reasons. The Thrusters were amazing and we may end up adding them aftermarket at some point. However, Dockstar does solve the issue of backing up in either directly fairly well. But sitting in place and doing a 360 is pretty sweet. Approaching downed riders was easier with Thrusters, that may get better the more I get used to the XT though
    • Seadecking through out boat - we upgraded our flooring to Seadeck over Decadence because we loved the Seadeck on the G. I didn't think to ask before ordering, but the XT doesn't do the Seadeck under the seats and in the compartments like the G, it has carpet there. Not a huge issue, but to be fair, we like that part of the G better.

    I'll update more as we start using the boat, getting it this late in the season, we probably only have 2-3 more weekends to use it, then will break it back out in late Feb/March. All the pictures below are with either 2 adults and 2 kids in the boat, or on the one picture 3 adults and 1 kid in boat with No additional ballast. I tried to label the surf settings on the picture. This new format on this forum I'm still getting use to, sorry if the formatting screwy.

    Click image for larger version  Name:	2022 Mastercraft XT24.jpg Views:	14 Size:	331.7 KB ID:	2694448

    Click image for larger version  Name:	XT24.jpg Views:	12 Size:	335.4 KB ID:	2694449
    Regular Side 5 setting
    Goofy side 6 setting
    Reg side 7

    Goofy - 3

    Link to Video of son surfing Left Side - setting 2 - 50% ballast
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    Bravo for the write up and great pics. She’s sharp in red. Cheers.


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      Great write up and pics! Love seeing how clean the wave is with Surfstar.
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        This is big- first write up on the XT24! She's good looking. Congrats!

        I have an XT23 on the way that I'm hoping will impress. We have friends with a G23 so it might be fun to have a little competition...
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          Great write up and thanks for taking the time! The Surfstar wave is incredible.


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            Love the solid red. Boat looks amazing.


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              Originally posted by mwenger View Post
              Great write up and thanks for taking the time! The Surfstar wave is incredible.
              The pictures do not do it justice. I was completely blown away by the amount of push and how far back you can recover. A close friend of mine recently picked up his Paragon 25 back in October and I had a chance to surf behind it on our last trip to Lake Powell. I legit almost didn't because I knew my boat was coming and I didn't want to be disappointed. I'm in NO way saying its better than the Paragon wave, but lets just say I'm super stoked with the Surfstar wave. I'm sure the Xstar S is more comparable to the P25, but this wave man, its amazing. Do yourself a favor and try to get behind it, it will not disappoint!


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                Great write up and even better looking boat!