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Joys of selling a boat or most anything these days

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  • Joys of selling a boat or most anything these days

    Rant On,

    As posted in our lovely FOR SALE section is my 94 Prostar. I also listed the boat on a well known forum for ski boats which produced this tale:

    Guy emails requesting pictures (because I'm too cheap to pay for the complete listing right now). I email various pictures. The usual emails back n forth about the boat particulars that may have not been listed in the ad. Guy is familiar with MC's (owns an 84') and skiing the course on a private lake, he's been looking at other MC's in the area and the condition wasn't there.... yada yada yada.

    Guy has a busy schedule and I admit I did as well over the last 3 or 4 weeks. We go round n round.... Guy emails suggesting an after work viewing of the boat and then a water test a few days later (I have no issue with a water test--I'd want the same) if the condition of the boat is as described. Two trips for me is no go- as round trip is 105 miles!

    We talk on the phone and I explain the situation of multiple trips, I'm prepared to sell the boat, but don't need to sell it. I suggest a sunny, Saturday or Sunday morning to view the boat in full sunlight and if the condition is there we go for the water test. Guy agrees to my suggestion and subsequent demand that he bring cash to purchase the boat because if we get to the water test and the boat operates as a ski tug should he's taking the boat home that day....Guy agrees and we schedule.

    Fast forward... I'm pull the boat out of the storage unit, remove cover, prep for water test. Guy arrives. Loves the condition of the boat and wants to run the boat. We drive to the local ramp (1/4 mile away). Guy parks his truck and grabs his life vest, coat, and wallet......... THEN proceeds to tell me he only brought a certain amount of cash (while claiming that's all he has to spend) and asked if said amount would buy the boat pending the water trial. I yelled NO! Guy wasted 3 hours of my time.

    Now.... it's my opinion the Guy should have brought the full asking amount in cash, make an opening offer, I counter (I had a little bit of flexibility on the price) and we meet somewhere in the middle.

    It's my opinion that there was no further discussion because he capped himself on the opening offer.... total goober move in my opinion. He then says he'll try and get the additional money... I hope he calls because I'm going to raise the price on him as an aggravation and mileage tax!

    Rant Over. thanks for reading.


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    Yeah that's a douche move on his part. I bought my truck this March and thought the guy's asking price was about 20% too high. I discussed it over the phone with him before making any arrangements for a face-to-face meetup. I don't know why someone wouldn't do this. It wastes my time as much as yours if we're nowhere close on price. Last thing I want to do is drive an hour and then have the seller laugh in my face.


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      Not too bad of a rant but a little smooth on the landing.....

      Stand your ground. He's nothing more than a tire kicker. Move on. If you agreed upon a sale price, then he should have came prepared. If the price was up in air prior to final confirmation, that is your fault for not sealing the deal.

      I will say this as well; when I go to look at a boat based on photos and conversation prior to making a trip, then get there and the boat is less than described or as much so, trashed out, that really pisses me off. That happens more than one realizes. In theory, one shouldn't go look at a boat without the seller sending a deposit for the trip (maybe an exception). They don't need to buy, just like you do not need to sell. Unfortunately there is no good solution but consider a deposit of $X.xx the same for your time. Sounds ridiculous but it will weed out the tire kickers real quick.

      I bring full agreed-upon amount of cash and a firearm. You should do the same. Getting on down the road after the sale, that buyer and any of his / her thug friends know you have a certain amount of cash in pocket. Always carry.

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        Jewbacca--- the Guy's drive was just a touch over mine in miles!

        waterlogged882- I came prepared to defend my castle! I haven't lost sleep. The situation was upsetting in the moment and afterwards it made me laugh. There was no price discussion as I was firm in my answers that the price accurately reflected the boat for the age, condition, TBI, single axel trailer, etc., I actually quoted your post wherein you said my price point was solid.

        A deposit via Paypal might be the way to go....but deposits are by their description refundable. I could ask for a non-refundable payment to be credited towards the sale price!

        Damn tire kickers! Just not enough stand-up boat buyers out there

        Funny enough on that same day... i was selling an un-used santa maria style grill on FB. Guy contacted me Saturday night confirming availability and my schedule Sunday afternoon. Guy showed up (retired military), shook my hand, looked the grill over for about 10 seconds and handed me cash for the full asking. He thought the ad described the condition and thought the price was extremely fair.


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          I always negotiate before I show up. Im damn sure not wasting my time for you to say no.

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            That totally stinks. I despise selling valuables. Too many people out there who get a kick out of wasting other's time, throwing out insulting offers or just flat out scammers.
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              When selling a boat make them come to you first and see the boat at your house or storage. If they like it then negotiate a price then take the 100 mile drive for the water test. Way to many tire kickers out there.


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                I do not wish for my time to be wasted so I always return the favor to others and make sure I do the same.
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                  The joy of selling anything today is that seller is in the driver’s seat.


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                    In February we sold our 14 X2. So may offers we held firm on the asking price. Told the buyer up front. He drove 350 miles brought a 10k cash deposit and wired the balance directly from his account to ours. Boat left 2 hours later after confirmation of fund transfer. He never took it for a lake test.
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                      I consider myself kinda lucky in this department... I listed my X30 for 55k. A week or so passes; I get a text from a guy who wants to come over and take a look. I show him around the boat, crank up the tunes a little, and point out the upgrades. He proceeds to leave and think it over.

                      The next day we get an offer for 52k. Our dealer handled the paperwork and the boat is gone (well, kind of. I'm storing it for him until January).
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                        When I sold the X-Star I had a guy send his buddy 1700 miles with a pickup and the money. It was raining that morning so we cold not do a test run. The boat was in mint shape and his friend knew boats so he paid me and hooked up and drove away. I got lucky I guess. I talked to him a few weeks later when he had a question on the screen. It was the boat he wanted and he made it happen. Definitely more adventurous than myself.


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                          The old trick I always seem to run into when selling stuff to CL or FBMP buyers, is the ol' "Oh I only brought this much money". I always stand my ground on that one because every time I've heard it, they've managed to miraculously scrounge up the difference inside their car. Like really, you show up here after discussing price and proceed to lowball? Get outta here. Especially when they've driven several hours, I know you are BS'ing me.


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                            When selling a boat make them come to you first and see the boat at your house or storage. If they like it then negotiate a price then take the 100 mile drive for the water test. Way to many tire kickers out there.

                            Agree on the above reply- Last 2 X9's i've sold, I asked them to come see it in Person 1st - Lake test, sure- $100 deposit to cover my time- you buy it, i'll apply the $100 towards the boat selling price and I PREFER Wire Transfer for the sale of the boats- which has worked well- no worries or issues this way
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