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Wireless emergency cutoff system

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  • Wireless emergency cutoff system

    Do you have any experience with, or thoughts on, the MOB+ system by Fell Marine? This is a wireless emergency cutoff system that kills the engine if a fob on the driver (in a pocket, on their wristband, or on a lanyard), goes overboard into the water or is more than 50 feet from their base unit. Six seconds after a driver overboard situation, the system goes into override mode so anyone left onboard can restart the engine to reach the driver.

    Their literature only mentions it working with an outboard or inboard/outboard, but I called their technical support line today and was told if my inboard has an emergency cutoff switch then their product is compatible. Their system can also handle fobs on passengers and warn if they go overboard, but I'm not interested in that for a boat the size of my 94 PS 190.
    1994 ProStar 190, 350 TBI, 1:1, ACME 541, PTM Edge VR-140