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    Originally posted by uplandbird View Post
    Im a big checklist guy. Big fan. You might consider double checking you have, prior to leaving the house- Boat Keys. Dont ask me why Im saying this.
    I recommend keeping a spare key hidden somewhere on the boat.


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      For #8, an electric over hydraulic brake setup with a weight distribution hitch would have greatly increased stability. Every half ton truck say a weight distribution hitch is necessary above 5000 lbs, and the Ford and GM SUVs say one is needed above 6000 lbs. Of course, it is more of a pain to set up compared to going with a 3/4 ton or larger truck, but if that truck/SUV is your daily driver and you can't have a dedicated tow vehicle...


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          great list, I am really a fan of #2, make sure to plan time off in the summer, a long weekend or a week off. Enjoying the lakes / rivers is so much more fun with the family in the middle of the week, without all the weekend warriors. I live in Minnesota, so summers are short, we started building in a week of in July and a week off in August to enjoy the lake. Especially since we have young kids.


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            Missed out greatly here in my opinion.

            #1. Be daddy’s special boy and have him buy you a boat

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              Originally posted by MC25 View Post
              Missed out greatly here in my opinion.

              #1. Be daddy’s special boy and have him buy you a boat
              Well played.

              One more item to add to the list, understanding there are many more not mentioned here.

              Always turn off your battery switch, on the new generation boats, it otherwise will drain dual batteries in no time.


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                It would be good to remember that women and men think differently. While boating, sometimes stressful situations come up. When they do, remember these differences and communicate to keep stress level low.


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                  ^ regarding Osmonet's above advice....agreed. I try to remember to consider: "What good will come of me pointing out XXX problem or issue right now?" <will it solve anything?
                  But my male brain usually overrides too quickly anyway.

                  My #1 item: Perfect Pass = relationship saver
                  #2: Patience with drivers and passengers. I went thru a period with no regular driver years ago, which I try not to forget. (relates to above)

                  Great advice on making plans to enjoy your boat/lake/water time. Life will just speed on by otherwise.


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                    +++ on #9. Checklists can help avoid situations like I had at the start of last season. I had taken the life vests out of the boat so I had more room to do winter maintenance, and put the vests in the shed (out of sight, out of mind). I didn't remember I had left the vests behind until we got to the launch ramp. To make matters worse, we were at a launch ramp in a sketchy part of town. So my poor wife had to go to the ghetto Wal-mart because it was the only place open nearby, and buy a bunch of the orange u-shaped vests. We still got out on the water and had a good time though. Having a checklist, and more importantly, going through it with my 1st mate before leaving the house, would have prevented this from happening. But the pony in the horses*** is, I've got some extra orange vests if anyone wants them!


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                      Nice list bro ... something about music and friends should be in there ... and also staying cool at the ramp .... practice on slow days? and yes one more thing .... go to the MC Buckeye Bash and show off your beast!
                      Ski in snow, ski in water, and always have fun!

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                        I'll have a little go...

                        1. If you say no to something, make sure you have valid reasoning

                        2. Answer questions, even if you think they're stupid

                        3. Carry a marine radio just in case...

                        4. And extra plugs- I made a 200-mile trip once just to find I forgot my only plug. Luckily a local pro shop had one lol

                        5. It's always nice to have someone else on the boat who knows just as much as you do. For me, it's a father/son thing. One of the coolest feelings is knowing exactly how to work together without saying a word.
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