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What years between 2009 and 2022 did the Prostar 190/ 197 hull design change ?

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  • What years between 2009 and 2022 did the Prostar 190/ 197 hull design change ?

    Just curious what year or years has the MC Prostar 190/197 hull design changed ? Thank you

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    Some real good write up's back in the day by C36. I tried to copy and paste a link but failed miserably. If no one chimes in just google Mastercraft 190/197 hull.

    I didn't read it again but guessing that hull ran from 01' to 13' ?


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      Your big change was 2014, both the Prostar 190 and Prostar 197 ended with the last year being in 2013 for that variant. Starting in 2014 it was just called the "Prostar" and was the new hull. Which is excellent, the new Prostar ran 2014 to 2020 and then upgraded again (smaller upgrade but significant) for 2021+ new engine cover, shifted drivers position, new rudder, new running surface, 4th tracking skeg.

      The Prostar 190/197 is really from back in 2001, it got a few tweaks to the hull in the first couple years like hull hook I believe on all of them by about 2003, and then they just ran with it from 2003 to 2013 with the exception of engine changes and minor interior tweaks

      I think why you are asking about 2009+ is that the history thread was written back in 2009, so at that point who knew if there was going to be a new hull in 2010 or not for a few more years.


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        In 2002 the 190/197 hull got a hook added at the transom to drop the bow (and on 2001 Tournament Team models)
        I believe no changes until the models ended in 2013
        Starting in 2014, no 190/197 any longer .... PROSTAR


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          2001-2013 ProStar 190/2002-2013 197 (EVO® hull)

          In 2001, the ProStar 190 hull was revamped once again with the introduction of the EVO® hull – MasterCraft’s eighth generation tournament hull.


          The 2001-2013 MasterCraft ProStar 190 was about 19’8” long, 91” wide, weighted about 2,600 lbs (two inches longer, six inches wider and about the same with as the fifth generation hull).

          In 2001 the standard drive train was the (GM V-8) Vortec Predator 5.7 L EFI 310 hp engine (the most in its class) coupled with a 1:1 transmission. The (GM V8) Northstar ignition EFI 330 hp engine was offered as an option as was the 1.5:1 PowerSlot package.


          The EVO® hull was designed to lower and soften the slalom wake with an entry of about 30 degrees which quickly flattens to run on parallel channels between side-vents and stepped chines. The 2001 ProStar 190 came equipped with the winged rudder reminiscent of the 1999-2000 models and introduced the Backstop Rope Deflection System (to prevent recoiling ski ropes from entering the boat) and parabolic tracking fins (to track straighter and minimize water distortion/bubbles).

          The 2001 Waterski Magazine Boat Buyer’s Guide stated that, “The all-new 190, with its unmistakable, dramatic lines, stands out from the crowd both in an out of the course. With hard negative chines to increase lift and turning abilities and new parallel channels to reduce running surface and wake size, the new 190 EVO outperforms even the high standards previously set. The radically flared hull gives more interior room than before without increasing the running surface. The fuel tank has been shifted forward for better weight distribution. Even the least experienced driver will appreciate the rack-and-pinion steering, all-round ergonomic excellence and dazzling assortment of options. But the bottom line is the wake, which is what makes this boat the slalom icon it is.”

          “Wakes are small and soft throughout all line lengths with the exception of a little bump at 22 off. Its strong hole-shot will allow even the biggest of skiers quick deep-water starts. Solid tracking and stellar wakes make the new 190 a slalom skiing machine”

          The 2001 model carried a five piece wrap-around windshield (with a centre opening walk-through section for the first time). The interior of these boats also featured a rear seat which could be raised for form a 20 square foot sun pad.

          Optional equipment in 2001 included speed control (PerfectPass – Cruise, Wakeboard Edition, or Digital Pro) fresh-water (closed) cooling, European package, heater, shower, Clarion AM/FM cassette stereo system, depth finder, cockpit cover, bimini (sun top), fibreglass platform, teak transom saver, transom ski tow eye, tower, board racks, extended pylon, single axle trailer, tandem trailer, galvanized trailer, and spare tire.

          Exterior graphics on the 2001 ProStar 190 typically featured white deck, white lower hull. Two colour accent stripes (a thick band above and a thinner stripe below) ran the length of the hull about from the rub rail down to almost touch the waterline. The bottom edge of the two colours began higher at the bow and sweep down closer to the waterline by the time it reached the transom. A large “MasterCraft” decal was again featured on each side of the hull – this time it was chrome-like and was placed inside the larger colour accent stripe. Reverse gelcoat schemes were issued on special editions of this hull (Sammy Duvall or Team Tournament) in various years. By 2007 exterior gelcoat options included 21 colour choices which could be applied in different combinations to five different areas.


          In 2002, MasterCraft introduced the 197 – an open bowed tournament ski boat based on the Evo 190 hull. The new 197 wins Powerboat’s “Outstanding Towboat Performance
          Award.” For 2002, MasterCraft also introduces the 197 Tournament Team (TT) boats which feature a slightly different hull design - a hook was added behind the rudder where the hull met the transom. The hook served to level the boat while under way, softening the wake and improving tracking. The winged rudder was also discontinued on the 2002 190/197 TT boats.

          In 2002 MasterCraft introduces two new engine options - the MasterCraft exclusive Cadillac LQ9 (HO 6.0 L) EFI 385 hp engine and the L18 (HO 8.1 L) EFI 425 hp engine. With this new engine (LQ9) the ProStar 190 EVO and ProStar 197 become the first (and only) boat in history to be AWSA certified in all five (5) competitive water ski events - trick, slalom, jump,
          barefoot and ski-fly.

          2002 was also the first year that MasterCraft offered two transmission options on the ProStar 190/197 – the 1.5:1 and the new 1.23:1 (which was referenced in later years as a 1.26:1) as part of PowerSlot packages.

          For 2003, both the 190 and 197 production models would adopt the hooked hull design from the 2002 Tournament Team hull design. It should be noted that introduction of the hook increased the wetted running surface of the hull (which may have decreased the top speed and decreased fuel mileage slightly). This design has remained unchanged through the 2008 model year. Beneath the water line, the only major difference has been the addition of a more rounded rudder in the 2006 model year.

          In 2003 MasterCraft introduced the new 350 HP MCX Engine.

          In 2005 MasterCraft introduced throttle by wire on the MCX Engine (to improve engine response).

          Example pictures of 2007, 2008 and 2009 models can be viewed by clicking on either year.

          In 2009 MasterCraft offered a Diesel-Volkswagen Turbo Charged Direct Injection (TDS) V8–225hp engine in combination with a 1.5:1 transmission as a option.


          In 2010 MasterCraft introduced cosmetic changes for both the interior and exterior of the 190/197.

          2011 was the initial year of MasterCraft's partnership with Ilmor and the ProStar 190/197 was available with Indmar or Ilmor power. Beginning in 2012 Ilmor engines powered all MasterCraft models.

          In 2013 MasterCraft switched from Medallion gauges to Murphy gauges.

          This hull was approved as a tournament tow boat by the American Water Ski Association (AWSA) from 2001 to 2013 as the ProStar 190 (as a closed bow boat) and from 2002 to 2013 as the ProStar 197 (as an open bow boat).

          The 2001 to 2013 Evo hull has pulled more world record performances in slalom, jump and trick ski than any other hull, including:
          • Women’s World Trick Record of 12,220 points (Nicolas le Forestier in 2001)
          • three new Pro Tour records (2002)
          • Men’s World Barefoot Record (Keith St. Onge in 2002)
          • Men’s World Records in Slalom, Trick and Jump - the World Record Triactor (2003)
          • Men’s Slalom World Record (Chris Parrish – 1 ½ @ 43 off) and Men’s Jump to regain the World Record Triactor - Slalom, Trick and Jump (2006)
          • Men’s World Jump Record (243 feet by Freddy Krugger in 2006)

          The ProStar Evo hull (2001 to 2013) was viewed by some as having a “softer” slalom wake then its immediate predecessors and an equally strong wakeboard performer when compared to the 1995-1997 hull.


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            ^^Not much to add to that.^^
            Prior boats - (3) X14's, (3) Prostars, and a Tristar.


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              Originally posted by JohnE View Post
              ^^Not much to add to that.^^
              Pretty well covers most everything except it had another major redesign in 2021. 2021-2022 is a much easier boat for the driver (tracks a ton better). Wakes are very similar on 2014-2020 and 2021-2022. Pretty substantial cosmetic changes on the 21-22, plus some other minor differences/tweaks.

              VTCharlie- Are you from VT? If so, what area? I could get you out on a 2015 Prostar if you wanted to see what it was like.


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                FourFourty The 2021 ProStar is neither a ProStar 190 nor a 197 so not really relevant.


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                  Originally posted by BROUSSARD View Post
                  FourFourty The 2021 ProStar is neither a ProStar 190 nor a 197 so not really relevant.
                  Neither is the 2014-2020. It has been only known as a Prostar since ‘14.

                  being as the OP is asking about 2009-2022 model years, and most of that whole range has been no 190/197, I’m guessing he is asking about Prostar’s in general.

                  I figured that was easily inferred. Apologies.


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                    FourFourty Ahh makes sense.

                    The reason OP asked for 2009-2022 is likely because the "MasterCraft Skier/ProStar/ProStar 190: A History" thread was written in 2009 and does not detail the final years of the EVO hull which was sold as the ProStar 190 from 2001-2013.


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                      Only thing to add would be the confusing gradual transition to Zero off. I believe there are a few 2007s out there with ZO and the 2008 TT boats had both Zero Off and Perfect pass and 2009 + had (or could have added) zero off but not perfect pass. Several threads out there where people are asking for pictures of the motor ECM to see if it was compatible with ZO or not!


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                        Originally posted by Lars View Post
                        Only thing to add would be the confusing gradual transition to Zero off. I believe there are a few 2007s out there with ZO and the 2008 TT boats had both Zero Off and Perfect pass and 2009 + had (or could have added) zero off but not perfect pass. Several threads out there where people are asking for pictures of the motor ECM to see if it was compatible with ZO or not!
                        Basically as I tell people there is no reason a Prostar 197 from 2007/2008 wouldn't have been bought with a cruise control, this was a popular option and most people were buying this boat bought them with a cruise control. So if the boat has a PP in it don't assume you can get a ZO installed you might be sad about it. Partly the "dual compatible" boats nearly all got ZO installed back in the day. PP made a great product for years but their MEFI-5 DBW PP unit that came in like 2 years of mastercraft boats were turds.