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Zero Flex Flyer Tower questions ('02-'04 X30, X10)

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  • Zero Flex Flyer Tower questions ('02-'04 X30, X10)

    Three questions for those in the know:
    1. Do these towers shake and rattle when in use on a lake or are they sturdy and quiet? Think choppy water, turning, etc.
    2. How easy is it to fold these down and put them back up? Is it a 2 minute job? 5 minutes or more? Can one person do this or does it take 2 people?
    3. The factory bimini height seems low - like too low for a 6'-2" people to stand up and walk under. Is this accurate? Are there ways to raise a factory bimini, or are there aftermarket options that are higher for greater clearance underneath?

    '16 X30 6.0
    '90 SeaRay 200BR

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    Can't speak for X10/X30, but my 03 ZF on my X2 has been great. Little lateral wiggle/sway in rough water, but nothing crazy. You can hear the springs in my ratcheting board racks and the clips for the bimini rattle at times in rough water, but otherwise, solid. Easy to put up and down (less than 5 minutes) and a one-man show depending on what you have on the tower. I had a single pair of Wetsound Pro 80's on mine and anything more than that, I would probably want a second pair of hands just to be safe.

    I don't think you're going to get anybody standing up under a bimini with this configuration no matter how tall, factory or after-market. I bought a version for mine and while it was great (and we were able to raise it a bit), we NEVER use it. I will likely not even be clipping it in this season.

    Hope this helps a little. I'm sure other's with model-specific experience will be along shortly.
    ¡Viva 205V!
    2003 X2 MCX


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      +1 on what Bruce says.

      it’s heavy and I always get a 2nd hand but the wife suffices.


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        I have 2001 X10 w/ zero flex and it sways left/right and shakes in choppy water because its not well supported in the sideways direction. I don't recall it rattling or making noise in choppy waters but probably can't hear it over the wind and water. It's sturdy and holds up to my sons pulling hard on it in turns while wakeboarding or skiing. I've never folded my tower down but it only has two knobs to unscrew and let it rotate forward and with you being 6-2 I think you can handle it by yourself in a few minutes. Make sure to have life jackets or throwable on the seat where it will sit. The factory bimini is super short and my 5'-6" wife cant stand up under it. It would be easier to get an aftermarket bimini then to try to modify the factor bim. I never found one that I really liked so never replaced the factory.


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          Thanks for the feedback guys! I appreciate it!
          '16 X30 6.0
          '90 SeaRay 200BR