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Throttle response issue

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  • Throttle response issue

    Hi Everyone,

    Hoping to get some of your thoughts on a situation I have with my throttle shifter on my 2021 XT21. My dealer, after water testing it while I wasn't there, says that it's operating properly and as per MC manufacturing specs - I think they're full of sh*t and didn't actually spend time trouble shooting it. When I move the throttle lever backwards from neutral to engage reverse, the drive train doesn't engage when the throttle hits the "notch" in the throw. I have to push the lever just a hair beyond the "notch" to engage reverse. Is this normal??

    In my previous MC (2016 X2), as soon as the throttle lever hit the notch in reverse (or forward), the drive would engage. It was very predictable as I knew as soon as the lever hit the notch, the drive was engaged.

    Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.


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    as long as your rpms are not increasing before your transmission goes into reverse its adjusted correct. Sounds like yours just has a little more travel time than your used too.I actually prefer that


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      You can also adjust the shift cable yourself. its fairly simple to do


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        Thanks gwozhog, I'm going to have the dealer water test it again while I'm with them - the throttle just doesn't seem right.