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  • Lake George NY

    Has anybody boated on Lake George NY. I am thinking about renting a place up there in July. Any info would be great.

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    Extremely beautiful lake. Super clean, and lots to do. A few pointers though-

    1- Make sure you have good navigation software, and use it. Especially at night. There is a crapload of rocks/ledge that are barely submerged in a lot of areas in that lake. It is marked pretty well with buoys, but it is definitely best to have a good chartplotter, and pay attention to it. Very common for bad accidents on that lake from hitting submerged rocks.

    2- Make sure you get your permitting before you hit the water, or you will get pulled over pretty quickly.

    3- Don't smile or give any indication that you are having fun in the view of the lake patrol. Smiles/fun are illegal on LG. This is sort of a joke, and also not a joke...... The lake is HEAVILY patrolled, and they will pull you over for absolutely any little thing they don't like. They will also commonly stop you and board your vessel for a safety check, and to check for any other violation.

    LG is definitely one of the nicest lakes in the country, and you'll have a blast.


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      Thank you fourforty.