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2002 Prostar 197

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  • 2002 Prostar 197

    There is one of these for sale near me and will be inspected and water tested this weekend. I am an old school skier who has never owned anything newer than a 1990 and am still working to update my 87 PS. That being said, a newer boat has some appeal as does fuel injection. Questions arise about the engine, it has 487 hours on the meter, and repairs available for a fuel injected engine that is 20 years old. Can anyone comment on these particular boats, I slalom a bit, and no wakeboarding or surfing in my world?

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    Which engine ?
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      Honestly if you are in Florida I do not think the engine really matters. Either 350 will have plenty of power in the 197. You should have no problems as far as repairs are concerned. I like to bring a thermal gun to make sure that it is running on all cylinders. If it seems to run good and be well taken care of, it should be just fine. 487 is nothing on that engine unless it was really mistreated.
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        Ski it and see if you like it. It is a great boat!
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          I have that boat. I show ski a lot in it and it does every everything I need!!!
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            I have never been behind the 197 but being that the x14 is just an exploded version I would have to think that it is a great boat.
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