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Back in the market, can't live without a boat... Nautique or Xstar

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      Looks, option packages, colors, specs, etc comparisons is all a moot point because is all subjective.
      Looking at the OP’s questions from a quality/performance/usability standpoint, here’s my $.02:

      You are looking at possibly purchasing a used first generation of what I call the “hyper boats” or $200k+ MSRP stuff. And, also weighing the options of getting into a new boat.

      if you decide to go new, you open the door to a lot of brands, as the performance of the wave and reliability of the boats has come along way just in the past year. Things like the computer issues, surf tab actuators, ballast requirements, stereos, have mostly been sorted out.

      if you go used hyper boat, expect to have lots of little performance and reliability issues. Most likely the big issues have already been sorted out from the previous owner. These issues will be things like having to add extra ballast for a good performance wave, computer glitches, stereo upgrade headaches, not enough horsepower, tab issues, rack issues, etc.

      directly comparing MC to Nautique, regardless of new vs old, here is my $.02:

      I think of them like car manufacturers.
      MC = McLaren
      Nautique = Lamborghini

      with MC, Performance and engineering comes first over looks and quality. their designs always seem pleasing to the masses though . They have the most trophy’s in their trophy case. If their **** holds together till the end of the race they will always win.
      Sometimes you’re gonna have to deal with a $5000 part being held together by a 50 Cent bracket. But in return, you get an amazing performance experience. Most will agree (at least behind my boat), the best experience. But only when properly set up and running correctly.

      with Nautique, looks, design, fit amd finish, quality, it all comes first. Performance second. Designs/style, ideas, are cutting edge, which some people like and some people don’t, but quality, workmanship, and details are crème de la crème.
      they may not always win the race on race day, but they are always a top contender. And lots of peeps think they look damn good while doing it and will only settle for the best fit and finish on earth.

      so in the end the OP has to ultimately decide what his needs are and what his end goal is.