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  • Stupid Question re: VRS

    This is a stupid question and I'm embarrassed to be asking since I purchased the boat without knowing exactly what I purchased but I cannot find anywhere answers on Google. So I need some help from the learned MC community. The prior owner had it listed as a 1998 Prostar 205 VSR. But I have since learned it's a 1998 Maristar based on my review of similar boats. How do I figure out if it's a 200, 200 VRS, 200 SS, 210, 210 VRS, 215, 225 VRS, 230 SV, 230 VRS, 230 SS, and 240?

    What does VRS stand for?

    What does SV stand for?

    What does SS stand for?

    Thanks for the Board's help in advance! I'll upload some pics later.

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    I see you're new so I'll cut you some slack but I have to ask..... Where's the pictures? It's a lot easier to identify what you have if you post a picture.

    I can't recall what the acronym stands for if anything but any VRS is a vDrive and I believe tied exclusively to the MariStar but I could be wrong on that. I was even able to find a 95 catalog and the acronym translation wasn't in there either. A SS is a Saltwater Series and I don't think I've seen the SV before or if I have it didn't stick with me as worth knowing.

    If I recall correctly a 98 205 in a vDrive that wasn't a MariStar was call a 205V. The MariStar version of the boat in this size I'm all but certain was a different hull, was called the 200VRS and was more deluxe with a wrap around seat. I believe the 205v was based on the 205 inboard hull, didn't have wrap around seating and would eventually become the X2 (with the L lounger seating) until 2006 when it would be come the X1.

    So it sounds like whoever you bought the boat from didn't know exactly what they had and mixed the 2 names together. I see this mostly with 205v's being called 205 VRS. If you do a google search for pictures of both you'll quickly see the difference between the boats and should be able to determine quickly what you bought.

    Which one is the better boat is pretty much up for discussion with skiers/wakeboarders typically going with the 205v. People looking for a more family orientated boat will like the 200 VRS hands down for it's deeper sides, greater storage capacity and softer, dryer ride.
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      The SV has a swivel observers seat.

      The VRS has wrap around seating with aft-facing observers seat.

      Mastercraft only offered the Maristar in 200vrs, 225sv and 225vrs in 1998. The 200 is 21' and the 225 is 23'. The 225 also has rear seating that wraps around behind the drivers seat.

      I have a 1998 Maristar brochure in pdf if you want me to send you a copy pm your email address.


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        From the 1998 Maristar brochure;

        Click image for larger version  Name:	Maristar Models 1998.jpg Views:	0 Size:	86.6 KB ID:	2700729
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          Thanks for the responses guys! And I apologize for not posting pictures from the outset--yes I am fairly new to this. Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_8803.jpg
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            Good looking boat! Welcome to the MC community. What you have is a Maristar 210vrs. Amazing boat for skiing, wakeboarding, surfing (w/the right set up), & just general boating. I grew up on a 230vrs, essentially the same boat just 2 feet longer. I cannot say for certain that the VRS means anything more than a fancy way to indicate it's a V-drive and the "210" refers to its 21 foot length. I read somewhere that the initial nomenclature stood for "vibration reduction system" in the early maristar models and it stuck. As far as I know that could be 100% wrong. That being said the maristar's were considered a luxury product and luxury products tend to emphasize smoothness.... So there could be some credibility there.

            Anyways, you've got a great boat. Who cares what it's called, enjoy it! That's what they're for.
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              That's definitely the hull of the 210VRS, which I suppose was called the 200VRS in 1998. It's the same hull as the 210VRS and X10 up until 2006. Anything regarding ballast setup would be the same.

              Nice that you got one that had the carpet replaced with GatorStep.


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                Thanks. I actually had that done myself following purchase.


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                  Not sure if this is 100% accurate but I use this NADA site to tell what boat models were offered what years. HP isn't right because multiple engines were offered on some models but still a useful reference.

                  Research the latest new car prices, deals, used car values, specs and more. NADA Guides is the leader in accurate vehicle pricing and vehicle information.
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                    Thanks. I actually used that site to help determine value of boat and was pleasantly surprised with what it came back with. Also, when measuring boat, do you include swim platform? That will help me narrow down exactly what I have. I ask because I saw this on a certain website:

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                      Length should not include swim platform unless it's part of the hull.
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                        Nice boat. I loved the second gen Maristars with the non-integrated platforms. I was actually looking for one I was looking for a replacement of my gen 1 Maristar but ended up with a pickle fork X2.


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                          It's a 200 and not a 225/230 for sure. The longer Maristars would have the seat wrap around to behind the driver seat and be on a tandem trailer. You won't see any 23 footer on a single axle trailer; at least, I haven't seen one yet.


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                            Yep. It's a 1998 MC Maristar 200 VRS. Thanks for all the help with this guys. Now, do y'all know where to buy a reasonably priced replacement prop?


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                              "When you do business with Johnson Propeller, you can expect quality craftsmanship, backed by our commitment to you, our customer. We’re a small company, and we take pride in our products and services
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