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    Originally posted by Marksa1458 View Post
    I ended up drilling 8 holes (4 on each side) - I don't have any pictures of the final installation, but the below pictures give you an idea of how I installed. I thought it came out pretty good:

    Bimini101 by Andrew Marks, on Flickr

    Bimini102 by Andrew Marks, on Flickr

    bimini103 by Andrew Marks, on Flickr
    What width and height was your bimini top? I like it.


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      Originally posted by ahhudgins View Post
      I mounted mine on the window frame but I'm pretty sure that the round tube frame is bigger and has more clearance between the glass than the square frame. The rear part of the frame already had a screw in the exact location (in the fiberglass) where I needed to mount the rear support tube bracket, so that's why I went with that method. I did have to drill 3 holes (both sides) in the frame. 2 for the main pole bracket, and just one for the smaller pole bracket since there was already a hole in the frame that went through the fiberglass. If I had put more thought into it at the time, I may have gotten a machine shop to fabricate aluminum brackets that would clamp to the frame. Zooming in on the picture of the 190 it does look like there is a bracket mounted to the frame of the windshield.

      The only problem that I have encountered in 11 years was when a family member dropped the bimini after the rear supports were removed and it did pull on the holes just a bit. That is why I'm in charge of putting the top down.
      I was looking for brackets that clamped on the frame, rather than bolted on. Wasn't sure if they make such a thing got bimini tops


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        Could you post some close up pictures of the connection points for the rear support pole, top and bottom. My bimini is from a MasterCraft but it was designed for another model (I purchased it used) and the rear poles rattle. I wouldn't mine changing the hardware to plastic or just use straps, but the rear support poles are good for putting the top back when it's cool outside.

        Click image for larger version

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          Some additional information - this will be my first season and I'm not sure I like the rear mounting clamps:

          biminiback105 by Andrew Marks, on Flickr

          biminiback104 by Andrew Marks, on Flickr

          biminiback103 by Andrew Marks, on Flickr

          Biminiback101 by Andrew Marks, on Flickr

          The bimini is from National Covers and I ordered the Summerset Elite - Premium Canvas 72" long, Fits 73"-78" Wide Color Shadow Gray, 36" High Aluminum Bimini Frame
          The black rail mount can be found here:

          Nilight - 90027B 2PCS LED Light Bar Horizontal Bar Clamp Mounting Kit Fit on 0.75" 1" 1.25" Bull Bars Roof Racks Roll Cages for ATV UTV and Trucks, 2 Years Warranty

          Not sure this will be the permanent solution, but I didn't want to drill anymore holes than I had to.


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            Few considerations.

            my preference screws into the hull and is wide enough to lay down in front of the window for tarping.

            Window mounts are ok but will be too narrow to fold forwards meaning to tarp they will need to be removed or fold backwards.

            you cannot repair holes in the aluminum.

            drilling into aluminum you risk hitting and breaking the glass for some boats the glass costs as much as the boat does.

            there is a good amount of sway in biminis and people like to grab them getting in and out.


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              Thanks for posting the pictures and information. All of my connections are stainless and they have the quick release pins. I think that I'm going to try a rear support pole that has the plastic/nylon ends like the ones on your top, that way I wont' have the metal to metal contact that causes the rattle.

              “You realize your odds of winning the lottery are the same as being mauled by a polar bear and a regular bear in the same day”….E-Trade Baby.