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  • Love my 2021 XT21

    Click image for larger version  Name:	863E7338-27B5-4E15-8C22-FFC56AB37D75.jpg Views:	3 Size:	3.76 MB ID:	2702361 It’s almost time. I am trying to wait for the pollen to stop this year before opening up the shrink wrap. I go by my boat in dry storage and think about the wonderful season I has last year. I read team talk just about everyday.

    Not much talk about the XT21s on the board in a while. I think it’s the most under appreciated boat in the MC line. If you are lake limited to under 21’ bow to stern like me then this is the boat for you. (Bow to stern on the MSO is 20’10” from the factory). I started thinking, I never posted about my love for this boat. I see lots of love for the X22 and XT22/24.

    I upgraded my 2009 X2 to a 2021 XT21. My main concerns were dealer support (excellent), hitting my head (I’m 6’2”), surfing and finally the sound system. So many improvements. So much nicer. Do I miss the pickle fork? At times yes, but not as often as I thought if I’m being honest. Maybe 2 times when I had 12 people in the boat for a July 4th sedentary night under the fireworks.

    The XT21 stern seating area is very nice and for taking 6 adults on a lake cruise, or 10 teenagers surfing and wake boarding. The tower is placed better on the XT21 if you are tall like me. I hit my head on the XT20/NXT 20 tower several times, so that was a no go. The 20s tower seem to be mounted to close to the back seat for me. I have to 2 S80 speakers.

    The sound system was a 9.3/10. I got the advanced audio system with 2 tower speakers. I had read many reviews. My X2 with the JBL system was a 9/10. My dealer told me that the audio had been improved significantly over the 2017-2020 versions. He said they were a lot more anemic in their output. But in 2021 they reprogrammed the head unit to be even better. I found no reason to swap out despite the many others who have done so with eecyclone’s superb help. I’d say listen to it first before you choose to swap out parts. The base is really good, the mid tones and high tones are excellent. Being a dj in the water with my iwatch was a lot of fun. You need to be somewhat close to do this however.

    The stock surf wave is excellent. Especially the goofy side. Not many boats on my lake surf well goofy. Yes, I’ve played with the settings and found some nice setting for several members of my family with different styles, favorite boards, and certainly weights. I have added no lead or extra ballast except for the occasional person. Usually I surf with 2-3 total. The extra person in the boat makes a little difference but in the X2 it made all the difference, especially where they positioned themselves.

    The overall build quality was superb. I did have a recall on the engine which my dealer corrected during a trip to my hood’. We have probably 30 MC here so he’s here every 3-4 weeks. I never have to take my boat off my dock to have it serviced except when I take it to dry storage.

    I did get the 5.3L GDI engine. It is supposed to be better on gas than the 6.0 MPI. I’d agree that it was better than my 350MCX in the X2 especially with a heavy weekend of surfing. The RPM’s and torque are just geared a bit better. My friend Malibu VTX 20’ seems to be hitting the gas cans much more than me for what its worth. I know there is talk about that. His VTX throws a really nice wave. But I like the MC wave better on both sides. The goofy side is significantly better. The wave is significantly more adjustable in the MC. I do wish I had a wrist controller for the rider but in reality how often are you doing that other than when the boat is new. The NXT 20s on my lake have the 6.0 but they loaded down with a lot more lead, so I can't make a stock comparison to those.

    I did buy an OTT cover from That thing is awesome. So much better than the MC. I opted for the Chine line extension so no gel coat is exposed.

    If you have a choice between decadence and carpet go decadence. It’s not even close.

    I love my boat buddy on the trailer. That’s the only option I got there. It’s awesome.

    I also got a sunbeam 6500lb hydraulic lift. So much faster than the 4000lb cable lift. Go hydraulic if you can afford it. I needed the shallow depth ability of this lift.

    I did purchase fenders from Mission. I got several sentry fenders and one titan fender. The titan works, period You have to time your stops as it take 3 minutes to fill, but linking to a boat chain is much easier and I worry less about those other boats hurting mine. The sentry fenders are really good and fast too. But its nice to know your boat is 18" at a minimum away from the others once you settle in for a brew.

    I did not put in an underwater light. I miss it, but realized that with my kids now in their 20’s that particular light wasn’t missed by them, or at least that’s what they told me.

    Going to try to put in some LED lighting this May once that darn pollen stops. I had the boat in the water and surfing till it was 65F this fall. I don’t mind the cold with a wet suit. But there is no MCOCD with that pesky pollen!

    I am going with many blackberry inspired drinks currently. Blackberry muddled in gin or tequila.
    Lift em if you got em’
    Here’s to the fun filled summer we are all about to have!
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    Do you need to borrow a camera?


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      Nice write up [email protected] This will be my second sumer with a XT21. Like you, I love the boat, for my family and lake we are on it was a perfect fit. I also bought a 6500lb hydrulic lift and have the OTT cover from
      Moose is right though we need some pictures!

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        I’ll try to add a covered pic when I open my red beast for the summer.


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          Nice writeup! I'm a fan of the XT21 and I imagine it will get a little more appreciation once they update it to match the newer XT22/23/24 hulls. If you ever change your mind on stereo upgrades, let me know. The tower speakers especially are capable of a lot more output than the stock setup with an aftermarket amplifier.
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