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Swivel rack pin for ZFT4 tower

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  • Swivel rack pin for ZFT4 tower

    I unfortunately lost the swivel rack pin on my ZFT4 tower. I lost the pin on my way back and forth to the dealer to have the internal ballast replaced in my 2014 X10.

    I want to replace this pin, it costs CDN$700 + taxes i.e. CDN$800 for a stupid 2" pin!!!

    As anyone found an alternative?

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    '14 X10 GEN2

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    I agree, MC Depot is flat out robbing people for some of these parts.

    I recently came across a guy on Facebook that posted an ad in "team Mastercraft" group. He was a MC dealer for many years and is closing down and selling stuff for half price. He had many knobs and pins for towers. Worth a shot at those prices.! His business is called C and C Boat works.
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      If there is a local fastener machine shop around, I would start there. A good shop could probably make you a copy.


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        Exact same thing happened to me, couldnt find anything at all. Ended up biting the bullet from Inboard Garage, cost a fortune. I see they dont have it listed anymore, but it may be worth asking, it was $150ish less expensive than MC Deopt. Also took over a month to get.

        Red Loctite coming up.


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          Did you lose that entire assembly or just the black knob and center pin? One way to know is if the rack is locked in the position it’s currently in.

          Reason I ask is, I had a pin break which allowed the knob and pin to come off but the rest of the assembly was there (tapered cone inside the housing with the hex wrench flats on it and spring).

          The pin itself can be made fairly easily from a shoulder bolt if you are handy. You could also buy or make an alternate knob if you just can’t justify the silly expense.


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            One just showed up on eBay. It's still an outrageous price for what it is but better than MC Parts Depot. No affiliation with the seller. They've got no feedback, which is a little odd.
            <p>Board-rack pin tappered-ZFT4 12’ 58215450. </p><p>Used but like new condition</p>


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              Originally posted by lakedrum03 View Post
              If there is a local fastener machine shop around, I would start there. A good shop could probably make you a copy.
              I would do this. Take the good one off the other rack and get yourself a few of them made. That price is outrageous.