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    Originally posted by DHPRO View Post

    I think that about sums it up…Ill agree to disagree and move on. Thanks for letting me rant.
    In support of your opinion I would think that "combat green" would end up more "olive military drab"

    However contrary to your opinion I think that to get that color one would have to expect a flat surface which is not a good feature when talking about a marine hull.

    I suspect a good deal of the hue variation can be attributed to gloss vs. flat versions of very similar base colors.


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      Originally posted by DHPRO View Post
      Everyone seems to believe that computer screens don’t offer true representations of color pallets? With 4K resolution and hi-bit streaming I find that hard to agree with. The fact is, MC’s color palette from the website should match exactly what colors they mix up - or via-versa. If there is ANY variation, then the customer should be given the option to agree or change. What is driving me nuts, is MC is just saying it’s irrelevant! If a t-shirt company or my house painter can get a specific shade right from a palette of 1000’s, then so can MC.
      And combat green is on the news every night - there isn’t much variation between Russian and US, and neither looks like what I have.
      I'm late to this party and I hate to jump in here, but I can't help it here goes.

      So, you order a $100K+++ boat, which is an a$$load of money, and you didn't take the time to get a piece of fiberglass and vinyl in your hand of the colors you are ordering and because it doesn't match what your computer screen looks like, you want MC to take the boat back? I find that to be an unrealistic expectation, perhaps a little/lot irresponsible and maybe a lesson gets learned here. I get your frustration with the perception of what MC is telling you while you are upset, but I think airing laundry here on something like this is not a good look. In one of your later posts you state that, "there was not a color swatch available to look at". If you tell a dealer you want to see that color swatch I'll guarantee you they will grab a plug from the production line and overnight it to your dealer for your view. It would appear you didn't ask for this.

      Maybe I think a little differently, but for years I have built boats on the builder on the MC site. I particularly like the idea of the navy flake or the gunmetal flake. Not that I will ever get to order a new boat, but I have always said to myself, "I need to see what that looks like before I would ever order it so I know it doesn't look bad." To myself...who will never get to order a new boat...said that on many many occasions to myself. So, there is that.

      Now, with all that said, I'm not a fan of green on boats...but that boat looks pretty sweet. Obviously doesn't meet your expectations, but looks good on my screen. Nice set up.
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