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2018 Xstar Stock Ballast fill times

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  • 2018 Xstar Stock Ballast fill times

    Anyone got information of the stock ballast fill times. Thanks

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    Just a touch over three minutes. 3:15 total fill time IIRC.

    Are you just wondering in general? Or are you looking for the individual tank times to set pump timers on a 2018 XStar?


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      Thank Four Forty

      I was looking for individual tank times


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        It really depends on a few things. Your rear tanks should be around 3:30-3:40 fill, and 3:00-3:20 to drain. On my boat (a 2022), the mid tank and center tank are both 3:50 to fill, and 3:40 to drain.

        However, a 2018 XStar has more pumps than a 2022. My 2022 has 6 pumps. 2 on each rear tank, one on the mid tank, and 1 on the center tank. In 2018, most of the XStars had 8 pumps. 2 pumps on each tank. So the mid and center tanks have much lower fill/empty times (somewhere around 2:00-2:15 on each tank).

        To make things even more confusing, some 2018s, 2019s, and some 2020s have 7 pumps (2 on each rear tank, 2 on the mid tank, and one on front tank).

        My suggestion would be to level the boat on a trailer, and use the ballast fill/empty override switches to fully empty the ballast in the boat. You'll be able to hear when the tanks run dry. Then set all your fill timers to 4 minutes. Put the boat in the water, and fill each tank individually. Time them while you fill, and look for the overfill. Once you have the time, set it as your empty time. Set the fill time at 10-15 seconds longer. Do that for each tank, and you should be all set.

        If you have an 8 pump boat, your rear times should be close to 3:30 or so, and your mid and center tanks should be in the neighborhood of 2 minutes.


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          Thanks FourFourty

          Did what you recommended this weekend . Time all set now. Boat has 8 pumps so quick fill times

          Thanks for you help