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  • Berlin Lake meeting

    I just saw an email that there is a meeting tonight May 3rd @ 7:00pm with the Army Corp. it’s to review the water study they have been doing. Does anybody plan on going? I’ll be interested to hear what they have come up with.

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    That's a lot of notice. Won't be able to make it though, glad they gave me time to put it on my schedule..
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      Adam and David - see below for a quick explanation of what is going on.

      The US Army Corp of Engineers (USACE) has been working through a $1M+, 36 month study to determine an updated Water Control Manual for the lake levels in the Mahoning River Watershed, which includes Berlin and West Branch lakes. The USACE plans to release the updated Water Control Manual in the coming days which is expected to permanently change the water levels throughout the season at Berlin.

      - The USACE is proposing a new guide curve that maintains summer pool of 1,024' until September 7.
      - The drawdown would begin on 9/7 and drop at a lower rate than the previous plan (similar to how they did it last year)
      - The required percentages for water from Berlin and West Branch to maintain flow in the Mahoning, Beaver and Ohio rivers would be eliminated.
      - The local offices would balance the releases from Berlin and West Branch based on the availability of water and each reservoirs' current water level.

      This is a huge victory for Berlin Lake. The USACE will be hosting a public meeting in Youngstown tonight and the Commander will be attending the 5/12/22 BLA meeting.

      If you can, please attend to show support for our lake.The Berlin Lake Association has been instrumental in lobbying and keeping the pressure on the USACE for nearly 20 years to get us to this point. They worked with legislators and other officials to help secure the budgetary funding for the water study. If you are not already a member, I would highly recommend joining the BLA ($25/year) to help support their work in ensuring our lake is the best it can be.
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        Also, as I understand it, the big cheese in the USACE headquarters in Cinci has already signed off on the new plan.


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          That BLA meeting is on a Saturday? Weren't they typically on Wednesday or Thursday evenings?
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            Originally posted by captain planet View Post
            That BLA meeting is on a Saturday? Weren't they typically on Wednesday or Thursday evenings?
            You are right. its the 12th. Copy and paste error. Updated above.


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              that's awesome news! thanks