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1997 prostar cold start issues

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    Originally posted by 88 PS190 View Post

    Dont replace it just check voltage on the purple wire.......
    This reminded me of the occasional "crank/no start" issue on my 95. During one of the rare times that it happed, I noticed that my fuel gauge and volt meter did not come on while the engine was cranking. Put the key back to RUN and the gauges came on. When I grabbed the key again the gauges would jump around. That was an easy (lucky) way to check the purple wire. Bad ignition switch.

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      Ok so I changed out the fuel filter and engine temp sensor. I still have it apart and noticed the fuel pressure regulator could/should be replaced since I have it apart. I searched multiple threads about this and found one answer, a 2002 dodge 2500 regulator will work. Has anyone else replaced their in tank fuel pressure regulator? If so, what would be the correct one?


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        Edit, wrong year boat.
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          Originally posted by Ramp-N-Clamp View Post
          We had the same year boat with the exact same problem for over 20 years. Our solution was to go FULL throttle in neutral for cold starts. We did this for 20 years and it started every time. Partial throttle and no throttle did not work. We never diagnosed the real problem because the FULL throttle trick worked so well.

          Hope that helps.
          That is nearly 100% your engine coolant temperature sensor. 20 buck chart.