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13 X2 setup

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  • 13 X2 setup

    The wife and I own a 13 x2 that we’re going to keep for some time due to the craziness of the market. Looking for upgrade ideas.

    Gatorstep or seadeck, is there a Discernible difference between the 2 brands? I’d like to put a MC logo on the floor if possible.

    Is it worth upgrading to Gen2 surf system (has Gen 1) or GSA/evolution tabs? I’ve priced both and just curious if someone on here has done this and felt the $$ was well spent.

    Finally I’ll need a new cover anyone know of a cover that will have the MC logo on it?

    thanks team


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    You will not be able to get a MC emblem with gator step and I would go with Gosurfassist over the other two options. I have never seen a boat that could not get a good wave with them. Gen 2 on the other hand sucked on my buddies 2010 x2 and were not that great on my other buddies 2017 x26.