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Help 22’ XT23 Overheating

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  • Help 22’ XT23 Overheating

    Brand new boat. While on test drive with the dealer the overheating alarm went off immediately after putting it in the water. We opened the back and could see air bubbles in the clear intake elbow. We figured out that the water hose cap (for running on land) wasn’t on tight at all and some air could be getting in. We tightened it and let it cool down and started it back up. We did the test drive and everything went fine. I took it out the following weekend both Saturday and Sunday and put about 8 hrs on it with no issues. Today we decided to go back out. Dropped it in the water and idled towards the main body of water. I started up the ballast so we could surf. I idled at very low speeds for about 20 mins to our surfing spot. I jumped in and got up on the surf board. I immediately thought the engine sounded louder than normal. Then it began to smell and within 30seconds the coolant temp alarm went off. We shut the boat down and got towed back to the dock. I noticed more water than usual in the engine compartment so I started the bilges. Any ideas!

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    If the engine sounded louder than usual, check the exhaust hoses, particularly where they connect to the risers. I had a similar scary situation on my X25 a couple of years ago. I was running near WOT, an all of a sudden the engine got louder and a bunch of warnings went off (including temp). I pulled the throttle back to neutral, shut her down and opened up the hatch. Steam and water everywhere — starboard exhaust hose had come off of the riser. I laid a life vest on the motor and wrestled the hose back on the riser, grabbed my tool kit and tightened the hose clamps, then checked the rest of them. Somewhere between 1/3 and half of them were looser than I was comfortable with. I snugged them all up and have never had that issue again.

    If I were you, I’d put the boat in the water and run her up to temp (near the dock) with the hatch open. If you have loose clamps, you’ll hear where they are (exhaust noise) and may spot leaking water. If it isn’t exhaust, it might be somewhere else in the cooling hoses, but those would be unlikely to make the motor sound louder.

    Ultimately, it’s a new boat, call your dealer and have a service tech get to your boat and fix it where you are.

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      The cooling water that enters the exhaust system, after cooling the engine, also is an element of the cutting the engine noise and cooling the exhaust system. The process of turning some of that water to steam, has a sound deadening effect. This tells me you didn't have right volume of raw water making it through the system and into the exhaust system. In terms of "Any Ideas", my answer is yes, but there are too many possibilities to make it worthwhile going into that on the forum for a boat that is under warranty. But more importantly, you need to let the dealer deal with this issue rather than trying to fix it yourself. Because IMO, after a boat has overheated a few times, more needs to be done than simply correcting the original issue. On top of that, you want it "on the record" that these overheats have happened in case here does turn out to be some long-term damage due to the overheating.

      Anytime a boat overheats, all the exhaust hoses need to be removed and inspected and replaced if there is any sign of damage or internal delamination. The fiberglass mufflers also need to be inspected and replaced if there is any sign of damage. Heat tends to melt the muffler flanges cause them to distort and start leaking down the road. It's also a good idea to replace the thermostat after an overheat, because the overheat often throws off the thermostat's temp calibration.
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        Thanks. When I posted this we were actively being towed to the dock. With it being Friday and my dealer closed until Tuesday I was looking for anything I could check on my own to keep from ruining the weekend. Nothing stood out so we dropped it off at the dealer this morning for their mechanic to look at Tuesday. Problem is we leave for our annual lake vacation on Wednesday morning. Just hope it’s something easy and doesn’t require ordering parts.


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          Boat dealer being closed on Saturday??? And Monday? Doesn't sound like a good business practice. Especially with boating season coming up.


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            Your dealer is where you start. They want a happy customer and you want your new boat repaired. Remember, there is a line and this line has a pecking order. You'll have better results with the line when you approach them using emotional intelligence.
            Since you shut it down at alarm, most likely no damage. Bubbles in the line = suction issue. Easy checks, just is as you found the flush port not secure. Check the strainer for loose bowl or a pinched o-ring. Check all hose clamps.
            If you find something, take a picture and inform the dealer so they can improve QC and build process at MC.
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              I’m on my 4th boat from this dealer and they have always been great. However they are closing down at the end of June so their staff is now limited. Their main mechanic is on vacation and will be back Monday night so they will get on it first thing Tuesday morning. I’ve been spoiled by having them only 10mins from my house. They are one of the oldest Mastercraft dealers in our region so it’ll be a blow around here. I just hope MC will figure something out to keep a store in this area. Otherwise I guess I’ll be trailering hours to the next closest dealer.


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                Update! Easy fix. The hose from water pump to the engine has popped off on the engine side. Dealer reconnected and we’re good to go. They made mention that every hose connected to the engine was not tightened correctly from ilmor factory.