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  • 2017 x-23

    We purchased the boat late in 2021 and we are starting to play with it now, I saw some previous post on the spray pattern, on the rear facing surf seats, and was wondering what fixes people are using ,our previous X-14 had a spacer under the platform , this stopped the issue, I have seen the x-25 cut out some of the support , on the outside of the platform , this fixed the problem , love the boat and love the wave , couldn’t ask for a better boat . Ideas: spacer or teak deck or etc .
    Thanks for the responses

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    Curious to see if others have done anything to fix the issue. I was looking at my buddies to see what we could do and I actually thought the spray was coming off of the retracted surf tab on the surf side. It seemed like it was catching the lip of the tab and creating the spray - however, my buddy sold the boat before we actually tried anything.
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      I have an 18 X23. I get the little rooster tail when surfing. Its not significant IMO. On my list of things to fix on my X23, the first 310 items are Klipsch related. That little spray isnt on my list. Does it bother you?


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        Ive not done anything to mine and don't believe it sprays or if it does its minimal.

        I wonder if the tanks are full? They get off from time to time. Keep overriding them until water pushes out the vents in a full type manner. Then when you empty they should be right. Maybe you don't have it weighted all the way?


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          I have full tanks , 100% in all , the spray kicks up all the way to the surf seats , both sides , it looks like it’s coming from the lip of the platform , I will add a pic this weekend