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  • 2001 Prostar Engine Hours Help

    I want to get the engine hours off of a 2001 Prostar 205V. The owner has stated the hours are X but none of the gauges on the dash are working.
    Question 1) If the gauges aren't working due to a fuse or the MMDC or something else, will the hour meter still be working or is he just guessing at the hours?
    Question 2) If the MMDC has crapped out can I use a scanner tool like the rinda to get the actual hours off the boat? Or is there another way?

    Just for info, the boat has the LTR engine

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    Rinda Diacom can read the engine hours from the ECU, assuming the ECU tracks the hours. I know for a fact that all eControl's ECUs track engine hours. But a 2001 probably has an MEFI 4 or possibly MEFI 5 ECU. I "think" the MEFI 5 tracks engine hours, I'm less sure about the 4.
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      If you can find a Tech One tool or even a Mercruiser diagnostic tool, if they plug in, most of the time the tool will read and should show engine hours. We bought a Tech One and fuel pressure tester with 6 of us in our ski club and it will read some newer boats but these were also Indmar engines.
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