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Trailer Jack tip - add grease zerks and grease them regularly

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  • Trailer Jack tip - add grease zerks and grease them regularly

    Thought I'd add a tip in here for others. Our launch is shallow and so when we launch and retrieve our boat, our trailer jack gets totally submerged every time. We have a Fulton F2. Within weeks of doing this, the trailer jack will get hard to turn and on past trailers we have had seized up jacks especially if they sit over the winter.

    The best solution is to install two zerk grease fittings - one in the top section where the bevel gears are and one in the lower section where the acme screw is. I fill both the top section and the lower section completely fully of grease and then I add a couple of shots of grease every 50hrs or so. My jack has stayed super smooth in some of the hardest conditions.

    Note that the new jacks (not F2's) are now coming from the factory with this (ie Fulton XTD)
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    You have any pictures?


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      I would also be interested in a picture that shows the zerk locations. Just replaced a tight fulton over the off-season and would hate this one to do the same thing.


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        Sorry, haven’t been around in awhile. Here’s a shot of what I installed. Works like a charm.
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