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    Has anyone tried these dock stix. They are of interest to me as I often run a lines to two docks. Pros/Cons

    Thanks in Advance

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    I don't believe its possible unless its completely calm and the cleats are in the perfect spot.


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      They work pretty well, my boat never floated away. But I also tried these and they seemed to work just as well and were a little easier and cheaper.
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        Well you can run any line through PVC pipe and have a "rigid" mooring stand stand off.

        Personally I like vertical PVC on Pipes w/ augers, auger in 2 or 3, slip PVC pipe over it and lash to it. That way both ride up and down, cannot hit and you don't need 4 anchors to hold them apart.


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          What advantage(s) do these supposedly have?


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            Originally posted by Wheelin98TJ View Post
            What advantage(s) do these supposedly have?
            The only advantage I could imagine is the stand off when tied up, but you’d still need 2 springers to keep the distance. Good fenders when rafting or at the fuel dock and whips on my dock make these irrelevant for me.

            I wonder how well they would hold up to surf wave rollers coming at the boat.

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              you would need them on both sides or else the boat could arc forward or backward still into the dock as there is nothing keeping them perpendicular to the pier. But if you can tie up on both sides then you really dont need them anyway.


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                Snake oil.

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                  This is what our marina uses at their gas dock. I bring my own gas and rope.
                  Click image for larger version

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                    I have used something similar (Holdaway / Stowaway) for years with good success on my 19’ inboard on a small lake (8.5 miles of shoreline with boats in the range of 15 to 22 foot range). We moved to a much larger lake (520 miles of shoreline with boats in the 18 to 40+ foot range). Even with the 150 foot “No Wake” restriction from a dock, the PVC pipe/rope setup lasted only a few days. I think the culprit was a ~ 25 foot Regal pulling a wakeboarder (not a wake surfer) but no video to prove it. Attaching 2 pictures of what happened. I have replaced the broken PVC pipe and fittings but before re-assembly, I inserted a Sch 40 CS pipe. I have yet to try it but will be doing so later this summer.


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