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'05 PS 197 OEM Interior replica - Viper

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    Love that new interior and love the walk-through on the back. Does that lift up with one of the doors? Or did I miss that pic?
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      Looks fantastic, I need to get the same done. Please share pictures of the walk through area, doors open, etc. Please DM me with a price range, so I can plan.
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        I always like seeing these before/after or for that mater even just the after threads but it's very rare we ever get that most important thing the ~ cost. I completely understand not wanting the world knowing what you paid or the possible criticism for paying too much or too little for the job but something along the lines of a range would be very helpful to those looking to plan/budget for a big job like this. Everyone knows Viper is expensive and this is some one off work that you would have paid more for but he must have given you an estimate before you took it there. Would this be something you could share?

        I know here in Michigan something along those lines pre-covid and that quality, if you could get it scheduled in one of the shops that is known for that kind of work, you would have been looking at $8K to $10K for an inboard. In 2019 I got an estimate to do my 07 X2 for this level of work and at that time the guy quoted me ~$10K - $12K which pushed me to sell rather than restore the interior. The last couple years I've heard stories of people paying $3K - $4K more than that and the good shops have waiting lists a year out. I've heard the TX guys telling stories of getting this type of work done for $5K but I'd have to see the boat and the actual bill before I'd believe that.

        Either way love the way your boat turned out.
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