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Where to find OEM prop specs?

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  • Where to find OEM prop specs?

    I'm trying to source the OEM prop spec for my 2001 Prostar EVO.

    It looks like 01' is a split year for the prostar as I see old hull and new hull styles both listed as so. My prop has a few dings and instead of repair, I'd like to replace and keep the old one as a backup.

    I like the current 4 blade as it can cruise as relatively low speeds and planes really easy with no weight, and can hold a plane easily with 1k pounds in it. When I get home I'll post up the current prop specs.

    Any advice is appreciated. thanks.

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    Mastercraft’s website has most, if not all, of the old owners manuals on it. They typically have the props listed in them. Attached is from the 2001 manual.
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      Thank you Skram. Looks like I need a 14x18LC as my boat has the LTR with the 1.5:1 Hurth.

      Why does the 209/X9 with the same engine/trans run a 14x20 and all the other models with that package run a 14x18?