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Thoughts on Hyperlite Shim?

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    I’ve had a lot of boards over the years. The Shim is a great all around choice and you can really change the way it feels under foot by swapping fins and setups.

    It’s a faster board in the realm of things , yes there are faster , but on the scale of fast vs slow it’s on faster sode which makes it good choice for smaller wakes as well. I still enjoy taking a spin on it from time to time. It’s spins 3’s easy and it’s quick edge to edge. Picks up speed down the line fairly easy.

    We run ours with two Chaos Fins on outside no middle. The chaos are little larger than the stock fins and give it more surf style speed when you pump. Are there better performing boards as a straight skim or a straight surf , absolutely , but I don’t think there is a more all around board to change the characteristics to give you a more skim ride or more surf ride that does equally at both As is still somewhat beginner friendly
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