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  • NXT Anchor Storage

    Hello! The previous owner of our boat that we got last spring took the anchor out of the locker in the nose. What size anchor fits in the NXT nose and is the NXT anchor locker bigger/smaller than other models?

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    The dealer where I bought my boat installed a Danforth anchor and they are useless on our river so I never used it. I had a Danforth on our last boat and it was a pain to get it to catch on the river bottom even with minimal current. I bought a foldable small sized box anchor that fits in the anchor storage area on our NXT20. I've used the box anchor for 2 seasons and it works great, just unfold it and drop it straight down and tie it off, it catches every time.


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      Ripler What size is it?


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        Originally posted by c_reeder15 View Post
        Ripler What size is it?
        After reading the reviews and questions on Amazon I bought the baby size.