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Please excuse my ignorance regarding steros...

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  • Please excuse my ignorance regarding steros...

    But, I'm adding tower speakers to my X2.

    The X2 comes with the Clarion head unit, outputting 3 Channels to the JL M6450 Amp using the remote-on feature.

    So I'm thinking that I can just take 1 of those channels, run it to the new M2150 where I would then take it from the pre-amp out put of the 2150 to the original 6450? The idea behind this is that I presume I could then wire the remote on in parallel or daisy chain from the 6450 to the new 2150? That would allow me to insert a toggle switch on that remote on feature so that I could easily turn off/on the tower speakers by turning the amp on or off.

    I'm going to try to attach a diagram to explain my drivel.. hopefully a picture paints a thousand words.. Am I making this overly complicated, is there another easier way to do all this?

    Also.. what exactly is a channel in terms of amplifiers? is it like front, back & sub?

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    Not sure what it is that you want to do but it sounds to me like you want to control the volume of the tower speakers. Now you could do this by shutting off the amp or...... you could use a volume control. You will get the ability to set the volume to the desired level and do it in a way the manufacture of your stero equipment would prefer. I recently purchased one by JL Audio (name sound familiar). It's easy to install and made with a remote that you can place by the helm. Here's the link to the JL Audio site with the product information.....

    Another option is from PAC. It doesn't seem to be as well engineered but is supposed to work well also.

    I bought the JL Audio device off Ebay. Haven't installed it yet but it came standard on my buddy's BU and works very well.

    Now for the channel question. Think of a channel as a single output to a speaker. A basic stereo usually comes with 4 channels which can power 4 speakers. Most amps are 2, 4 or 6 channels and have options for configuration. An example of one of these common configurations would be bridging which effectively combines two channels to increase power for a device like a sub woofer.

    The JL Audio device controls the output of the amp by being placed in between the stereo and the amp and modulates the output of the stero before the signal is sent to the amp.


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      Why thank you... that seems absolutely perfect! ebay here I come!
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        Just for thoughts, I think the same idea of individual volume control for the tower and cockpit speakers can be achieved with wiring your interior speakers and sub to one amp. For instance using your 6450 for all of your interior speaker and sub needs. Your clarion head as you mentioned has 3 outputs, thus used the front RCA outputs to send signal to your amp. While using your 2150 on the rear RCA outputs inorder to power your tower speakers. By doing this you are able to use the built in fader on your Clarion head unit as to fade your sounds forward or rear. This will essentually change the power output to your amps as to not drown out your crew inside the boat while still blasting sound back to your rider. If anyone would like to change my thoughts on this idea, please feel free. March 15 this is the set-up I am planning to use inorder to separate the control of my tower speakers from my cockpit speakers. Otherwise, the RCA control manufactured by JL seems to be a wonderful idea, as to the simple PAC remotes. If you are still uncomfortable with these methods, Wetsounds produces the WS-420 which is a dual zone equilizer that essentially allows you to control your tower speaker independent of your cockpit speakers, as well as provide better balance and control to your music. If I believe correctly they are about $400 bucks, however every review I have ever read has always had positive attributes about this particular unit.
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