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09-X7-MTS Balast Problem

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  • 09-X7-MTS Balast Problem

    I have a problem with my MTS ballast emptying.
    It is not pumping out via the electric pump, nor is it leaking. I have filled the tank on land and it does not leak.
    It seems to me the system is self siphoning when we are underway. Is this possible?
    Has anyone encountered this?

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    That's odd. I was showing my Daughter how it works on our boat tonight (09 x7 as well). The outlet is at the bottom of the tank. I wonder if there is a check valve in there or something in the pump that is stuck open (?).

    Let me know what you find out.


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      I am thinking it is siphoning back out the inlet. Maybe as the boat is underway the action of the water flowing past the inlet on the bottom of the boat is creating a vacuum and siphoning the water out. Is this possible? It is not leaking out of the tank, the carpet is bone dry.


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        I remember there being a thread about this and it was discovered the new "yellow" ballast impellers were too soft and did allow the vaccume created by the boat's movement to suck the water past the impellers and effectively drain the ballast tanks. The solution was to go to the new "green" impellers. I just got 3 new "green" impellers. We'll see how these work.
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          I posted this link on another thread with ballast issues. There are reports of leakers and here is the link to the green impllers that supposedly fixes the problem:

          Hope this helps...


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            Looks like warranty work to me!
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              Here's a pic of the new green impellers. I haven't tried them - just got done polishing in insides of my ballast pumps.
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              2002, X30, L-18, Red Metal Flake (the possessed boat)