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Nav light problems

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  • Nav light problems

    I have a problem my nav lights keep popping the breaker. I'm normally pretty good with electrical but this has me stumped. I have tried a different breaker and a different switch all the wires on the back of the nav light switch are grounded except the hot wire even unplugged from the switch they are grounded this tells me I have a short so I started looking for it I unplugged the lights one at a time port light stb light then stern light still all wires are grounded this is 2006 X2 the boat is new to me but the lights did work all winter while it was in the garage. does anyone know where I can get a schematic for a X2?

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    Figured it out thanks for all the help!


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      What was it ? I know my tower light did that during a humid night last summer.
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