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  • bxroads' sound (pictures)

    Pioneer DEH-P6000UB head (the loose wire hanging is the RF remote's IR emitter). This head is awesome with tons of features. I'm running two amps (sub and cabin speakers) and use the head to cross over, both amps are set to full range. It has a nice equalizer and also charges your iPod via a USB port and it has a mode which allows use of the iPod for control.

    Wetsounds Syn 4
    Kicker ZX750.1
    Kicker S10L7

    I built the sub box from birch and coated with Herculiner bed liner. Dimensions are 12x12x12. All I can say is wow! The 10" solobaric can take all the punishment the 750.1 can dish out. I would not have expected any more bass from two 12" subs! It's truly unbelievable.

    The sub box is hardly even noticeable tucked way up front in the closed bow. It did not hinder storage at all. Skis still fit with no problem.

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    The cabin speakers are four Wetsounds 650's. In the pictures the grey/silver color looks out of place. If you could see the entire boat you'd see it blends in nicely with the dash, the cup holders and mounting plate on the back of the engine box, and the grab rails.

    I honestly don't believe there's a more dynamic combo out there. These little 6" speakers rock! They exceeded my expectations at least twofold.


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      Low profile dovetail brackets were used for mounting both the iTouch and the RF remote. I don't think there's a better mounting system out there. You hardly notice the brackets on the iTouch and mounting surface in the boat. The RF remote had a rounded surface so JB Weld sured things up with the dovetail bracket.

      The RF remote (Magnadyne MRC-2U) works flawlessly. Even when the head is in the mode that allows the iTouch to control, the remote will still scroll through the playlist. It also controls volume, the source, power, and mute. It's waterproof and floats.

      If you have an iTouch an Otter Box case is mandatory. It even protects the screen. The "Defender" model I went with has a plastic case, face protection, silicon sleeve over the plastic case, and protection for the outlets.

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            The only thing remaining to do is install another battery. A Kinetic 2000 will be here Tuesday. I've the BW "dumb" relay waiting on it.


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              real good looking install..

              i just would have switched the amps around so i could get to the gains and such easier..


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                Roger that. I'm going to turn them when I install the extra battery. The extra battery will be behind the partition the amps are mounted on (the partition expends beyond the footwell).


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                  very nice install. Doesnt look like a 1983 mastercraft?? What lake are you on??
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                    Sharp bro. Love the Pioneer head unit! I have the same one and it rocks.

                    Former #2: 2000 ProStar 205

                    Former #1: 1987 ProStar 190



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                      Yep, Pioneer got it right with the 6000. I use absolutely everything in the "audio" menu and need/want nothing else.


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                        that thing is ok in the marine enviroment?
                        Originally Posted by Hoosier Bob
                        She always misses me and when I turn her on it is hard to turn her off! She is MC and she completes me! She is the first ride that wants it as much as I do!


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                          I've heard that as long as its not salt water most any audio head will work. Crutchfield will even recommend non marine heads for non salt water applications. Even if it pukes the cost is only two tanks of gas and it will take less than an hour to replace.