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'06 X-1 Temperature Problem?

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  • '06 X-1 Temperature Problem?

    This past Thursday, July 2nd we took our recently purchased 2006 x-1 out for a evening session.

    We got one ride in and the temp alarm went off reading "TEMP 206".

    Immediately shut everything down, and gave it a few minutes to cool down. Restarted the boat, and temp read about half on the meter.

    Started back to the dock just above idle and watched the temp slowly climb as we increased speed. Idled back to the dock and parked it.

    Let it sit for the night, and checked the water intake screen, and couldn't find anything. Tested it again in the morning, and got same Temp alarm.

    Found a mechanic open on Friday the 3rd, and took it down to them to hopefully salvage some weekend left.

    They changed water pump impellar, and checked the pump. STILL RUNNING HOT.

    They worked for a few hours on it, and called the dealership, which could not look at till Tuesday.

    Anyone have any thoughts or experiences to share? Thanks!

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    You checked the intake sceen, you said, but did you check the strainer on the intake side of the transmission cooler? It's detailed on page 15-1 of your owners manual.
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      The mechanic checked the strainer on intake side, and everything was clean.

      I'm dropping it off at the MC Dealer today (Cleveland Boat Center, TN).

      Will update what they. Not very happy about the boat being on the trailer all weekend though.

      Thanks for the advice though!